How I got to where I am now

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Health
Before and after

A before and after photo to compare my weight loss

Alright, for those of you who don’t know me, which is probably most of you, my name is Tiana. I’ve struggled with my weight all my adult life..

I didn’t like to work out, I didn’t eat properly, in high school my regular lunch everyday was poutine.. sounds gross I know but yeah it was..

I stayed at a good weight until the end of high school, miraculously (not sure how) Maybe from walking I suppose… but then came college.. I moved to the city, took the bus.. no more walking, I sat on my butt, day in and day out, class after class!

It didn’t help that I worked part-time at a fast food chain near where I lived.. I was broke and the food was cheap! The life of a student, I know!

Pants getting too tight

Pants getting too tight

The weight slowly crept up on me, my jeans got tighter and before I knew it I needed new clothes..

It didn’t stop there cause after college, I went up North.. not North like Timmins, North Arctic North.. Nunavut!

I have to say that is where my health took a tumble-down hill…

I found myself in the worst shape I had ever been in and this was making me so depressed. Using a snowmobile and ATV most of the time to get around, I didn’t walk or get much exercise..

Northmart in Iqaluit

Northmart in Iqaluit, Nunavut

A one month contract turned into a 3 year contract.. sad thing about the North, unhealthy food is MUCH cheaper and easier to find than healthy food.. but then again everything in Nunavut is expensive!

Needless to say I gained more weight.. it’s not like one day I looked at myself and the mirror and said hey look I’m fat!!.. It didn’t happen overnight I gained I’d say about 10 lbs a year consistently for at least 6 to 7 years..

It crept up on me! I didn’t see it coming and really I can’t say I thought I was that fat! I look at my pictures now (there’s not many) of that time when I had gained weight and I still can’t believe that was me..

If only I knew then what I knew now… So when did things change for me?

Well, I moved back to Ontario, had been here for about 3 years when I got a new job… I had only been at this job maybe a

Rosy Ghannai before and after

Rosy Ghannai before and after

month when I met a person who really set out to do this amazing transformation.. Lose 125 lbs in 1 year…At first I thought she was nuts! But then I thought, well hey if she can pull this off.. then why the heck can’t I?

To see video of Rosy during her weightloss transformation, check out my Youtube channel.

After seeing her lose weight month after month I thought it was time to take advantage of my gym discount through work…

Now I had tried the gym thing before and because I have bad hips, was out of shape and had no clue what I was doing.. I got discouraged really quickly!! I’d say a month, maybe less. Sad, I know!

This time, I got a trainer for the first couple of months to help me, show me how to use the equipment before I set off on my own. What a difference a bit of direction made…

That was in July of 2008, I weighed 205 lbs when I started..
I couldn’t do more than 5 min on the treadmill, and because of my sore hips and all the extra weight on my joints I was sore.. it hurt, I can’t lie! Everything hurt!!

I didn’t do anything at the beginning other than the recumbent bike and light weights..  I watched what I ate and the pounds slowly started coming off.. in 2 months I lost 20 lbs! I was doing it!! I was losing weight…

Since then I haven’t been able to lose another 20 lbs in 2 months, but I have managed to figure out how to lose it slowly over time and when I wasn’t trying to lose more weight, I was able to keep the weight I had already lost off…
I have since managed to conquer the elliptical and the treadmill, which I always avoided because it killed my hips.. I can even jog on the treadmill now! Yeah me, jog!!! Never thought I’d hear those two words together in one sentence…

Tiana in 2010

I have to say, my life in July of 2008 changed.. it’s been a slow process with many setbacks but that’s where I’m at now.. so far I’m down 45 lbs.. I can’t say I’m the healthiest person around but I can say that I’m still learning, figuring things out, finding out what works and what doesn’t and teaching others what I have learned along the way.

When you make a change in your life, and people notice a difference in how you look, it inspires people. It gives them that kick that they need to get moving, get off the couch and get healthier…

Hopefully I can help give you that kick!

This blog and these videos I’ll be doing are intended to inform, to give tips, ideas, learn from not only me but each other.. hopefully I’ll get some guest bloggers along the way and introduce you to some interesting and amazing people who have or will teach us new things.. I haven’t learned all that there is to learn about being healthy but as we all learn, we can all share.

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