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Posted: February 2, 2011 in Fitness/Exercise, Health

The biggest hurdle for me was realizing that I had gained weight, that I was unhealthy and that I really needed to do something about it. Finding clothes became more difficult as I got bigger and eventually the only clothes I could find that fit, were in plus-size stores. That I think might be when it hit me, I was overweight.

Growing up I was never an extremely active child,  I wasn’t good at sports. I really didn’t realize why I wasn’t any good at them until I was older. But when I was younger I just couldn’t play sports well like the other kids. This made me hate gym class!Tiana hips turned in

I always knew I had a problem with my hips but it never really bothered me much till I was a teen. If you look at me in this picture to the right, you would have thought I was uncomfortable standing that way, but for me it was normal.

I was born with inverted rotation of the hips (Hips turn in) and Hip dysplasia (My hips were further into the socket than normal.)

This made it hard for me to do a lot of activities.

  • I took shorter steps when I walked
  • No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t run fast
  • I had a hard time sitting cross-legged
  • I wasn’t very flexible

hip dysplasiaBasically any extra pressure on the joint would hurt. My hip-joint would rub up against the socket. Sports that involved jumping or running were hard on the joints and would quickly cause inflammation.

As I got older and put on more weight the pain got much worse! Eventually I wasn’t able to even go for short walks without being in pain. This really kept me from doing a lot of activities. My doctor told me that eventually I would get arthritis in my hips and I would need surgery when the pain became too unbearable.

At one point I remember thinking, this is it, I’ll always be overweight, I’ll always be in pain and there’s not much I can do about it. This is my life! How can I lose weight if I can’t even exercise without being in pain?

Then I thought about it for a while and realized that the pain really didn’t start getting bad until I gained weight. So, what if I deal with the pain for a while and try to lose the weight? Maybe that would help. What do I have to lose? I’m already in pain, what’s a little more, if it’s going to help me? I didn’t want to end up 30 years old and having hip replacement surgery!

I needed to so something before it got even worse. This is around the time that I met Rosy Ghannai and her mission of losing 150 lbs in a year inspired me to get off my butt and get moving. I knew it was going to HURT, heck everything I did hurt, so this wasn’t going to be easy. BUT I couldn’t accept the fact that this was how I would feel for the rest of my life.

To watch video of Rosy during her transformation check out my Youtube channel. You’ll learn about some of the workouts she was doing, the foods she ate and what her motivation was to start this transformation.

That decision changed my life . I can now go for long walks and not be in pain, I can even jog on the treadmill. That for me was a HUGE achievement.

I used to be on medication for my hip pain, I don’t take it anymore. I used to have headaches everyday, not anymore. My knees were starting to hurt from the extra weight, they’re fine now.

It’s amazing what a little exercise and taking off some weight will do. I actually started noticing a difference after the first month and I’ve only improved since.

I know my doctor use to tell me that if I lost weight I wouldn’t hurt so much, that the pain would go away. I really didn’t believe him and nobody explained to me why it would help. I always just thought it was a clever trick doctors used to get patients to try to lose weight. :)

So with that said if you check back with me in the next couple of days one of my next posts will be me explaining (after lots of research)why and how exercise and eating healthier can take away your aches and pains.

In the meantime, if any of you have stories of your aches and pains and how you’ve overcome them with a healthier life-style, please share. We’d all love to hear them!

  1. Chantal says:

    I can relate! By the time I was 12, being no good at sports either, I had to wear knee braces. I was told by the specialist that both knee caps are higher than thay are supposed to be and have nothing to protect them from rubbing bone to bone. I wore these all through the rest of elementary and high school and then just gave up on sports entirely. I gained weight, and kept gaining weight. My doctor would tell me to lose weight, so I would try fad diet after diet and gain it back. Until finally, I injured my shoulder. I was sent to specialist after specialist to make the pain just go away, until I met my osteopath. He was the one person who actually told me how to lose weight, he told me to join weight watchers and join curves. I have a very messed up bone structure, one leg longer than the other, one hip lower than the other, a crooked spine and degenerative disc disease. I was told I was obese and there was a good chance I could have more difficulties that could lead to surgeries and even the possibility of in-mobility. So I listened because I was tired of all the pain, the pills, the appointments and I knew something had to be done. It has been almost 3 years now, it’s been a slow process, but I have kept going to the gym, with 30 lbs off, I no longer have any pain, pills and appointments. Although keeping at it is difficult being a full time student. I know that I will feel better stretching and flexing after the gym than sitting around doing nothing about it.

  2. Great to hear your on a mission! Rosy is an inspiration. I wish you the best!

  3. […] The joint pain in my hips didn’t last too long and it wasn’t bad enough that I had to take any medication to help ease the pain. Today it’s mostly sore muscles, muscles that haven’t been used over the winter months. I’m ok with sore muscles, sore joints aren’t much fun! You know what that means though? I’m improving! Like I said when I started losing weight, I couldn’t do 5 minutes of walking before my hip joints started screaming at me to stop.. slowly I’ve built it up and I know that this joint pain is only temporary and is really my fault from staying away from the treadmill all winter. Not sure what I am talking about you can read my blog post on why my hips hurt here. […]

  4. […] off for 2 months or so and now that I started back, I feel it! I have bad hips to begin with (you can read why here). I know that you have to work through the pain to get rid of the pain.. and I did! In 2008 when I […]

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