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Posted: February 5, 2011 in Food, Health, Hints & Tips

When I started on this mission to lose weight, there’s a few appliances I got to help me reach my goal. These appliances I now use ALL THE TIME and I wonder how I ever lived without them! The first thing I got was a Foreman Grill.Foreman Grill

Now if you’re not familiar with the foreman Grill let me enlighten you! The way this grill’s designed, the fat drips down off the meat into a tray. The grill also cooks on both sides so it cooks quickly and you aren’t getting nearly as much fat as you would if you cooked it in the frying pan. I use this grill to cook chicken, steaks, kabobs, hamburgers, turkey burgers, fish, even the odd hot dog once in a while.

Vitapur Water CoolerThe next thing I got was a water cooler/dispenser. Now I talked about how important water is to your health in an earlier post so you should already know why I bought this appliance. It’s always great to have a nice, refreshing, cold glass of water! The one I got also has a button that when you push it the water boils water for you, which is really handy if you drink tea! Quick and easy!

I also got a larger freezer, my fridge freezer just wasn’t cutting it. The reason this is so important is because I freeze everything! I work late so I don’t get home early enough to cook dinner. I cook on the weekends, in batches then freeze them and eat it throughout the week. Most of my recipes that I use all the time are larger in size so that I can freeze individual portions and bring them in my lunches. It also makes for a quick and easy homemade meal when you’re rushing around on the weekend and don’t have the time to cook. I’ll talk more about this in another post because really I think I can write a whole other post on freezing foods. It’s handy and really is important, at least for me, in reaching my weight loss goals.

Next on my list is a blender. I have gone through many blenders and am now on my 2nd Magic Bullet. Needless to say I love it! I’m a huge smoothie fan and make them all the time! It also comes in handy for whipping and cutting things into smaller pieces. The Magic Bullet also came with a recipe book which has lots of healthy recipes inside.

Hot Air Popcorn PopperAir Popcorn Popper – Nothing beats fresh air-popped popcorn! I love popcorn, just as much as I love smoothies!It makes for a nice light snack, if its made properly. I use to buy the microwave popcorn until I learned how to read the labels and realized how much stuff that I can’t even pronounce is in it. I really can’t even enjoy the taste of microwave popcorn now that I use an air popper. Air popped popcorn doesn’t have any additives. it’s just popcorn, no oil, no salt! Unless you add it! If I add anything to it, its light margerine and a bit of sea salt. Still a million times healthier and lighter than popcorn you get from your microwave!

One of the biggest changes I made when I started losing weight was cutting back on eating out, this meant that most of the foods I eat get prepared & cooked in my kitchen. These appliances are a must for me and I can’t imagine doing this process without them.

  1. Chantal Forsyth says:

    I loved this post, I just have a few things I wanted to add. I know I don’t have room for a water cooler, so I use a brita water jug instead. I also use an air popper and grill all the time! I have a smoothie blender that seems to be keeping up. I also like using the toaster oven, food processor and bread maker to make healthy meals. The toaster oven is a convection oven so it cooks things faster and hotter than a conventional oven, and it’s a nice way to heat things up without using the micorwave. It is much better to cook at home than to eat out because you know what’s in your food! I am finding this especially difficult now that I have a lot of foods I can not eat, I find it easier to eat at home because I do not have to worry about what is in it, and I can add things to make it taste good, adding spices instead of salt can really boost the flavour!

    Thanks, Chantal

    • tialee11 says:

      Oh yeah, forgot about my toaster oven! I bought that when I moved in and have always used it.. when you’re cooking something small for one person it doesn’t make sense to turn on an oven for it. There’s so many handy kitchen appliances that help make eating healthy meals at home that much better!

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