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Posted: February 5, 2011 in In the news

I was reading the newspaper online today and there’s a few articles that caught my attention. This one in the Ottawa Sun kind of made my jaw drop! Did you know that 1 in 10 adults in the world are obese? Wow! Three studies published in The Lancet medical journal that estimates that 1.5 billion adults are over-weight worldwide! That’s a lot of people. And in general Canadians are all about 12 lbs heavier than back in 1980!

A second article in the Ottawa Sun (I do read other newspapers, I just work there so I tend to read the Ottawa Sun way more often!)Anyways this article is about the size of ambulances. Ottawa paramedics bought about 4 years ago a bigger ambulance that’s equipped to handle obese patients and its being used on average, 3 times a week! That’s scary! People who are overweight tend to have more medical problems, so I can see the need for the larger ambulance that’s equipped to handle it but I honestly didn’t realize that we had that much of a need for it in this city.

Just thought I’d share those stories with everyone. What do you think about these statistics? Did you realize that obesity was that much of a problem here in Ottawa? Share your thoughts in the comments!

One last fact though before I go enjoy the rest of my weekend. Did you know that every minute about 32 people die from heart disease and stroke worldwide? Just thought I’d leave you with that last though.


  1. Chantal Forsyth says:

    For more information on obesity check out dietitians of Canada and Health Canada, there are lots of updates on these websites about this national pendemic! Check out the Heart and Stroke Foundation for more information, I am learning about weight loss, diabetes and heart and stroke right now in Nutrition class. February is always Heart and Stroke Month, I have volunteered to go door to door in my neighbourhood and collect donations for this as well, the answer is as simple as it sounds. A nutritionally sound diet, as my nutrition teacher always says, eat plants, not too much, with lots of variety. Even personally I can tell you it is harder than it sounds, but this is the answer to a lot of our national issues right now!

  2. Chantal Forsyth says:

    Forgot to mention and, as well, gives you information on menu planning and contacting a dietitian.

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