Favourite Resources

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Hints & Tips

I have a few resources that I use all the time. Websites, books mostly for now but I’m also looking for some great iPhone apps!

Today I’m going to share a few of the books and websites I use often.. and in the future as I find more I’ll be sure to let you know! You can share you favourite resources in the comment section of my blog. Make sure you explain why you love them so much, so everyone can check them out!


#1 The Dieticians of Canada website is fantastic is a great resource. Simply because it answers lots of questions for you and has some handy tools you can use on their site!

What kind of tools am I talking about? Well first of all the Recipe Analyzer is a handy tool. Especially if you are someone who likes to know the nutritional details of the foods you eat such as fat, calories, carbs etc. If you have a favorite recipe just enter the details and the analyzer will give you all that information. It will even give you good recipe substitution tips to help make the meal even healthier!

They also have a Eating + Activity Tracker! EATracker lets you track your day’s food and activity choices and compares them to the guidelines laid out by Health Canada.

Learn how to assess nutritional information you find on package labels by taking a tour in the virtual grocery store.

#2 Myfit.ca is a great website that has information not only on exercise but nutrition. You’ll find different workout ideas and even a list of different exercise routines to help get you started.

#3 eatrightontario.ca This website provides you with TONS of information on how to eat healthy. You can also email your questions to a registered dietician or give one a call! It’s a FREE service for anyone who lives in Ontario! 1-877-510-510-2


Mens Health Big Book of food and Nutrition#1 The Men’s Health Big Book of Food and Nutrition. Why I love this book so much? It talks about many weight-loss myths that are out there AND it has a huge list of different foods and why they’re good for you, along with pictures. As you know already, I’m someone who hasn’t tried a lot of variety of foods and I have no clue what some of these foods even look like, taste like, or even how to prepare and cook them. This book covers it all from Veggies and Fruits to spices and meats. It’s a book that’s easy to understand and has lots of great information.

Choice menus#2 CHOICE MENUS – Cooking for one or two (BOTH BOOKS!) I love these books so much I went out and bought one and gave it to my mom! For me any book that’s published by the Canadian Diabetes Association I know is healthy. These books give you a variety meal-plans that you can then mix-and-match. The meals are calorie based for those of you who are tracking your calories. They also give you some great healthy snack ideas. These two Choice menu books are the first books I bought when I started to lose weight and they helped me learn how to figure out portion sizes and how to plan healthy meals and snacks. Plus there’s not many books out there meant for one or two people. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to cook in bulk, these books are great!

The Joy of cooking#3 The Joy of Cooking. This book was given to me for Christmas by a friend and was amazed when I started looking at it! It is the best resource I have EVER seen to learn about everything and anything you need to know to cook. It covers all the bases! Lots of great recipes and any food you can think of (from how to cook octopus to how to cook on a fire) is in there. Tons useful information, it even has pictures and illustrations to help you out. It really does cover it all!




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