I hibernate in the winter

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Fitness/Exercise

During the winter months I find it incredibly difficult to get active. It’s hard to get out of a warm bed, into a cold car and get to the gym. So what’s a girl to do? Well the first year I just didn’t work out as often as I should, obviously that wasn’t the best idea. So I decided that I needed to get creative!

First of all, by the time winter came around I was getting a little bored of the same routine at the gym anyways. I needed to get myself interested again, make things a little more fun. When I did get to the gym I tried new equipment, I changed the way I lifted weights(lower weights, more reps or hand weights instead of machines) and instead of reading a magazine I brought music with me that kept me energized.

Another thing I did was change the time of day I went to the gym. In the spring and summer, I went in the mornings. In the winter I’d go after work.

I work 12-8pm so it’s easy for me to get up early in the summer when the sun is shining and get to the gym. Who doesn’t want to go out and enjoy the sunshine and feel the warm air on their skin? In the winter, I’d rather sleep in! The thought of getting out of my warm bed, warming up the car, removing snow, scraping off the windshield, then driving to the gym for a workout… NOT appealing! Going after work was so much more convenient! I like sleeping in during the winter months, so why feel guilty about it? I’m already in my car going home at night, the gym is closer to work anyways, a little detour certainly wouldn’t hurt!

I went from going to the gym once or twice a week to going 4 or 5 times a week in the winter. BIG DIFFERENCE. But then after a while I started to get bored again, so I decided to switch things up again but this time make it an effort to switch things up more often, not wait till I get bored.

I’ll do some workouts at home and some at the gym. Those days where its snowing lots or its REALLY cold and I just want to get home. Well, now when I do get home, I work out instead of sitting and watching TV.

Working out at home can be fun and there are lots of ways you can do it.

I have a small apartment so I don’t have lots of room to put cardio equipment inside but I have found some good ways to get a workout in. DVD workouts like Zumba(I love Zumba!) are a great workouts and lots of fun! I also have a Nintendo Wii and the only reason why I bought it was for working out. Some games are really fun and it doesn’t feel like you’re working out. Some are pretty challenging, your muscles will be sore! Other ways to work out at home are jumping rope, using cardio equipment such as a treadmill or bike, climb stairs, use weights, resistance bands, do yoga, step aerobics, walk, jog, use an exercise ball, swim, take the dog for a walk.

The main thing to remember is this, if you are moving, it’s helping!

I’m a big fan of trying new things, finding new ways to exercise and if its cheap and still gives you a great workout, even better!

What ways do you stay fit during the winter months? Leave a comment and let us all know!


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