Facing reality

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Health

doctorPart of making a change is facing reality. This could mean a number of things but a good place to start is getting a reality check in the form of seeing the doctor. Go in for a physical, find out your weight, get blood work done and then go back again a few weeks later to talk to your doctor about the results.

Explain to your doctor that you’re looking for help with your weight-loss and you don’t know where to start. Most doctors will help you, if you ask. They’ll give you resources, maybe refer you to a weight-loss group or a dietician. Beware though, some doctors aren’t so helpful but don’t get discouraged. Before you leave the doctor’s office, make sure to ask specifically for a referral or resources on who else you can speak to about this, what resources are available for you, near where you live? If you are still not getting the help you’re seeking you may have to research some of this on your own but getting your health results and knowing your numbers, is a good start.

I went to see my doctor every year, I didn’t miss a physical. But I didn’t ask questions, I was scared. I didn’t want to know how being overweight was affecting my health. And honestly I think doctors, unless asked, won’t really talk to you about it. They absolutely should but I think they know that the last thing MOST people want when they go to see their doctor is a lecture. Your doctor wants you to go see them every year to make sure you’re getting a yearly check up but if they start lecturing you each time you come in, do you really think you’ll want to go back again? They don’t know you are ready for a change, until you say something. Ask them to tell you the truth, you want numbers, you want facts, where is your blood pressure at, what is a normal level, find out as much as you can, know what your weight is, what your BMI is, know if you’re diabetic or prediabetic. Ask the doctor the questions you are afraid of hearing an answer to. You’ll never know, unless you ask! One thing I do sometimes with my doctor is research before I go. I write out all the questions I want to ask so I don’t feel embarrassed or forget what I wanted to ask. When I walk into her office, I’ll give my doctor the piece of paper. You get to the point quickly, you get rid of the awkwardness right away and you’ll get all your questions answered without feeling like you forgot to ask something when you leave.

For many years I never asked questions, so I never got answers. The most I got from my doctor was her telling me, in the kindest way, that I should lose weight. She would say “Tiana if you’re in pain, then the added pressure on your body from your extra weight may be the cause of your pain.” I know she was right, now, but she really never said anything other than that and I never asked for more.

I never knew my numbers(blood pressure, weight, BMI, cholesterol levels, body measurements, blood sugar) until I started my new, healthier lifestyle.

I wrote down all these numbers when I started and have kept track of them all regularly since then.

The best advice I can give you, buy a scale, keep track of your weight, take measurements, get checked by your doctor and know your numbers before you start.

If you have those numbers it will help keep you motivated as you see those numbers improve. You’ll see how working out and eating healthy is helping. It also puts a big smile on your face to see that you’re finally doing something right!

Don’t be afraid of the doctor because you need to realize that what you’re really afraid of is the truth and yeah the truth may hurt, but dying because you were too scared to hear the truth isn’t the best option either.


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