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Posted: February 25, 2011 in In the news

Sportmen's showDon’t forget that this weekend is the Ottawa Boat and Sportsmen’s show at Lansdowne Park! Fishing, Boating, Hunting, Travel & lots more!


I saw lots of great stories in the news this week, the first I want to mention is actually about a reporter who was covering the Grammy Awards when all of a sudden she went to talk and gibberish came out of her mouth! You can literally see the fear in her face when she started to talk.

People were saying that she was having a stroke on live television and apparently her symptoms were similar to a stroke but turns out it was a migraine! The reason why I mention this is because I have experienced a ‘complex migraine’ before, not to the extent of this lady, where she had speech problems but I had vision problems. I tell you just the vision problems for 30 minutes was scary, I can’t imagine how she felt!

You can read one of the many stories that are online about her experience here. Migraine questions/answers can be found here.

A US group wants to ban caramel food colouring found in soft drinks. I say ban soft drinks, but that’s just me ;)

I am a huge movie fan, love going to movies! Love the popcorn too but do you know just how much fat is in movie theatre popcorn? I was shocked to see just how bad a bag of popcorn is for you. I usually opt for a small popcorn but might just stick to eating air-popped at home after reading this!


You’ll never guess what lies hidden in these foods! Unhealthy foods in disguise?

Have a great weekend everyone and if you go to the movies, skip the popcorn!


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