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Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Season 2Season 2 Premier of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is April 12 8pm on /A\.. this time the award winning series is taking on Los Angeles!

I love this show, I love this guy and what he is trying to achieve… If you’re not familiar with the show let me recap the first season.

Jamie headed to Huntington, West Virginia.. it’s been called the unhealthiest city in America! Nearly half the adults in this city are considered obese, Jamie had a big job ahead of him.. he took on their unhealthy habits and was confronted with lots of bureaucracy, especially when he took on the school cafeteria’s.

Unfortunately I didn’t see the last bunch of shows, so I have no clue how he did but I can imagine from the shows I did see, he had a difficult time but eventually managed to turn some lives around… now he’s taking on LA.. and they aren’t giving in to his healthy ways without a fight! Should be a fun Season! Oh and if anyone can recap the rest of last season for me, I’d be soooo happy!

Diabetes Expo

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Health

Canadian Diabetes AssociationThe goal of this blog is to help people live healthy, to help change the bad eating habits and make lifestyle changes.. and to prevent the onset of diabetes before it starts. There are those who are currently living with diabetes.. for them taking care of their health is just as important. If you or someone you know is living with Diabetes I would like to invite you to check out the Diabetes Expo.

The Canadian Diabetes Association, in partnership with the Champlain Diabetes Networks and Champlain Regional Coordination Centre will be hosting the Live Well with Diabetes… Team up, Take Charge! The Diabetes expo is happening Saturday May 7th, 2011 at the Hampton Inn at 200 Coventry Road in Ottawa.

There will be a Free Foot assessment clinic, trade show where you can speak to the experts, information sessions with Health Care Providers along with door prizes and a healthy lunch provided by Hampton Inn for an additional $10.

Registration is $10

To Register contact:
Barbara Beattie
613-688-5931 or by email:

What a week

Posted: March 31, 2011 in General

So I have worked late at work each night and working late at home on the blog and doing things around the house so I have a hard time getting up in the morning for the gym BUT I am still getting workouts in at home and it seems to help because my weight is still going down bit by bit… very slowly…. Yesterday I checked and I was 154 lbs, I was 163 around Christmas time and 158 a couple of weeks ago when I started with regular workouts again. Since Christmas I have lost 9 lbs! Not bad since I don’t have tons to lose to begin with and this last bit is soooo hard! It’s all around the belly and it is STUBBORN! The weather is starting to get nice out so I think this weekend I’m going to go for a nice long walk with my dog, see if she can keep up! She’s a chihuahua so we’ll see lol! I am also going to go to the gym with a friend this weekend, which will be fun! I haven’t seen her since High school, so I’m looking forward to hanging out and working out!

Anyways time for work again, wasn’t I just there? Lol, feels like I just left an hour ago! Oh well… off to work I go, have a great day everyone!

P.S – Tomorrow is Friday! Knowing that, makes me smile! :)

Ottawa Race Weekend

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Things to do/Events

Ok so if you haven’t registered yet and plan to, you should hurry! The registration for the Ottawa Race Weekend which is May 28 & 29 is filling up fast!

The Marathon is already at 88% sold out

The 1/2 Marathon is Sold out

The 10 K is sold out

The 5 K is NOW SOLD OUT!!!

The 2 K is 69% sold out

Contest coming..

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

A new contest is coming, I’ll announce it here April 1st but for more details you’ll have to go to my Ottawa Sun Blog on April 1st…It will be running for 2 months! 1 prize package a week for 8 weeks! If you read the Ottawa Sun (Newspaper, online or 24 hours) you can look for the contest in any one of these starting, you guessed it, April 1st! You’ll see the ad with my face on it.. lol scary I know.. I think it’s suppose to appear in the paper a couple of times a week..


Questions for you…

Posted: March 30, 2011 in General

I was reading a blog this morning and it had some great questions for the readers so I thought I’d pass them along. I added one and answered them as well.. post your answers in the comments section, if they’re too long send it to me by email – and I’ll post it as an addition to my blog…

1. When you start your workout do you find it a struggle at the beginning but feel better as your workout progresses??

2. For those who used to have an addiction to sugar… how did you conquer the addiction?

3. For people who are focused on losing weight… I would like to know do you tend to have a harder time staying on plan after you have had good days??

4. What is your favourite healthy snack??

5. What is your favourite way to get  your cardio in??

6. What are your lower calorie sweet treats??

7. How tall are you and would you consider your shape an apple, a pear, hourglass etc??

8. What is are you doing to help you stay healthy this week??

9. Why do you want to lose weight? What is your inspiration?


1. Yes, Definitely! Especially if I go to the gym in the evenings, I never have the energy for a workout at night until I start working out, about 5 min in and i’m ready to jog! lol

2. I take away all the tempting, sugary foods out of my home… they aren’t good for me and they certainly aren’t healthy for anyone else to eat! If they aren’t there, it’s hard to eat them.. If I crave sweets, I keep a little dark chocolate around 70-80%, it’s good for you and it gets rid of my craving! I also eat fruit, that really helps too

3. I have good and bad days, some days are certainly harder than others.. I have days where I eat something that is probably not the best option but I try not to let it sidetrack me for the rest of the day.. 1 bad food isn’t going to ruin the rest of my day, I still do a workout and I still eat healthy the rest of the day and tomorrow is a new day. I forgot about my slip up and move on. A couple more cookies than I was planning on eating aren’t going to stop me and I certainly am not going to gain 10 lbs cause of it!

4. My oatmeal in the morning, plain oatmeal and I put frozen fruit (berries usually) in it before I microwave it.. mmmm

5. I have lots of favourite ways, so I’d say mixing it up is my favourite way cause I get bored real easily! One week is never the same as the last..

6. Dark chocolate – a couple of pieces, I use to hate the taste of real dark chocolate but now I love it! 3 pieces is usually more than enough for me, I could never eat a whole bar in one sitting.

7. I’m 5’10” I’m skinny on top and on the bottom, round in the middle.. it’s all in the belly.. I’ve got next to no fat everywhere else.. soo frustrating

8. Same thing I do every week, eat healthy and work out! Enjoying the foods that I eat and the activities that I do.. when i get bored with either I tend to not want to do either…

9. I started all this because I was in pain and I could barely move and get around without being sore.. I knew I had to lose weight to feel better, to have more energy and to help my hips get better! My inspiration is the people around me who have succeeded with weight loss, the blogs I read, the friends I have.. when I see others succeed it makes me know that I can too!

Video: Which yogurts are the best?

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Food, Video

Ottawa dietitian Helene Charlebois talks about the different types of yogurts available and explains which kinds are best to eat every day and which are best just for an odd snack.

Make sure to check back each Wednesday for a new video!