So far so good

Posted: March 6, 2011 in General


Before and after

A before and after photo to compare my weight loss

Just thought I’d update you on how I was doing with getting back to eating healthier and my regular workouts. I’ve pretty much managed to work out all days that I had planned to. I didn’t make it to the gym this weekend but found other ways to get my exercise, since the weather wasn’t that great.


Monday – Zumba 65 min

Tuesday – Weights and cardio (35 min) I also checked to see how long it took me to do 1 km and it was about 15 min, so that’s good to know. Now I figure 5 km should take me about an hour and 15 min at that pace. Of course my goal it to do it faster than that but it’s a good starting point. First I need to make it to 5 km! That’s my first goal, seems so simple but with the granny hips I have, it really isn’t!

Wednesday – Zumba for about 20 min before work (Very sore and tired)

Thursday – 40 minutes cardio at the gym (treadmill and Zumba)

Friday – Off

Saturday – 20 minutes of Zumba (was going to go to the gym but the weather sucked so I did Zumba and planned to go to the gym Sunday instead)

Sunday – Lots of snow so rather than getting to the gym I spent an hour outside. LOTS of shoveling! I cleaned off my car, shoveled my parking spot then thought I needed to get more exercise then that so I shovelled the spot next to mine. (Hopefully he appreciated it!) THEN I walked to the grocery store in the snow, bought everything I needed to make some recipes for later blog posts, walked home with all the groceries and cooked ;) I’m staring to feel the effect of shovelling already! Mostly my back is sore and my right arm/shoulder lol

Food – No fried foods, barely any sugar other than the odd piece of dark chocolate and 1 glass of orange juice (had to finish off the jug in the fridge) Lots of water and everything else I eat is cooked at home and healthy. Food is much easier for me now, especially since when I eat something that isn’t healthy my body reminds me it doesn’t like it. For example, a few weeks ago I ordered some deep-fried foods .It had been probably 6 months or so since I had done that, figured I deserved a treat. Didn’t feel like a treat, almost felt hung over for the next 24 hours or so. Had a headache, my stomach felt sick, bloated, sore and making lots of horrible noises. I just felt awful! Good reminder to why I don’t eat that stuff anymore, it did taste good but the feeling after wards just wasn’t worth it.

Next week I’m hoping the weather will co-operate a little more and I’ll get to the gym at least 3 times AND if the weather gets warm enough I will try to get a walk in as well. If not I’ll do a workout at home. I’m thinking on tackling the stairs, there’s 24 floors in my building! How can that not be a good workout?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I’ll update again soon.


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