Changing things up again

Posted: March 12, 2011 in General

Lost and Gained weightIt’s Saturday! The weather is warming up and I’m itching to get outside!Come on snow, MELT!

In the meantime I’m still getting my gym visits in, today is my 3rd of the week and next week I’m stepping it up a notch. A big notch!

The past 2 weeks I have mostly been doing cardio and a bit of weights. Now this week I’m revamping my eating to cut down on carbs more and to add regular weight training sessions into my routine.

I have a hard time doing everything all at once, I get frustrated and I give up. When I do things slow like this, introducing things a little at a time, it seems to work for me and I stick with the routine longer.

Saturday(Today) I’m going to try to do cardio again but 45 minutes. I’ll mix it up so I’m not doing all treadmill, probably 15 min treadmill, 15 elliptical and 15 on the bike at a regular pace.

Monday I’m knocking the cardio down to 30 minutes and the 30 minutes will be HIIT – High intensity interval training.  So I’ll be doing short bursts of high-intensity exercise and then a regular pace for a bit and alternating that for the 30 minutes. For example I’d do a few minutes of jogging with several minutes of brisk walking. I alternate this type of exercise (HIIT) with another cardio exercise that is the opposite of HIIT which consists of slow long duration cardio routines that last from 45 minutes to more than an hour. It keeps my body guessing and is effective for me.

Here’s the workout plan for next week –

Monday – Weights (Upper body) and Cardio 30 min HIIT – I’ll be cutting back on carbs and eating more veggies. Remember you need carbs, protein and fat everyday, you just have to watch the amount of each.. and of course there’s good/bad carb, protein and fat choices.

Tuesday – Weights (Lower body) and Cardio 30 min HIIT

Wednesday – Cardio 30 min HIIT

Thursday – 45 min to 1 hr regular pace cardio (if it’s nice out, might go for a walk)

Friday – Weights (FULL BODY) and 30 min HIIT

Saturday – 30 min HIIT

Sunday – Day off no workout….ahhhhh RELAX!

Let’s see how I do and how sore I am at the end of the week! I like to switch things up otherwise I will plateau and not lose any weight. So after 2 or 3 weeks I’ll change-up my routine and do things a bit differently. Making little changes is all it takes to get you out of a weight-loss slump! I have worked out more but still managed to gain 2 pounds. Weird I know but it ALWAYS happens when I start working out and watching what I eat. I only start losing after the first week or two. At first it really kept me from going on but now I know it’s normal so it doesn’t bother me. I just figure it must be all the muscle I’m gaining (muscle weighs more than fat) ;) Anyways, wish me luck!


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