No pain no gain

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Fitness/Exercise

hip dysplasiaThe past few weeks I have really noticed how NOT going to the gym very often during the winter months has affected me. The biggest way was with my hips! I forgot just how much it hurts. I have to keep moving to keep the pain from coming back.

I have been pretty good over the past couple years at making sure I get to the gym once or twice a week during the winter months but this past winter, I slacked off for 2 months or so and now that I started back, I feel it! I have bad hips to begin with (you can read why here). I know that you have to work through the pain to get rid of the pain.. and I did! In 2008 when I started this whole process! I really didn’t think I would have to go through it all again but alas I did.. my own fault!

The past couple months I have slowly been getting back to the gym, more so over the past couple of weeks. I was dreading it but I knew it needed to be done. This week I am starting to get past the pain and I am finding the gym more enjoyable. Not saying the joints don’t hurt, they just don’t hurt nearly as much!

I’m excited to see where this year leads me. It’s the first year that I am actually pushing myself further then I ever have before.. in 2008 I started with the recumbent bike, in 2009 I moved to the Elliptical and went back and forth between the two in 2010 I added walking on the treadmill(the hardest for me because of my hips) I also started a bit of jogging.

2011 I’m going further, I’m lasting longer and going faster than I have ever done before on ALL cardio equipment and I’m going to keep pushing it. I am doing the 5 km race in May.. A huge goal for me since walking has been so hard and such a huge struggle. This race, I just want to finish but depending on how it goes and how my walking/jogging goes over the summer I might join another race in October and go for 5 k and aim for speed! We’ll see on that!

The moral of this story – no pain, no gain! It’s something I wasted almost 30 years figuring out! I was afraid of the pain before. Now that I understand how much exercise plays a huge part in managing my pain and keeping it from getting worse..I will continue to exercise – become faster and stronger! And lose the weight along the way! ;)


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