Jamie Oliver Food Revolution is back for seconds!

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Food, Health, Video

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Season 2Season 2 Premier of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is April 12 8pm on /A\.. this time the award winning series is taking on Los Angeles!

I love this show, I love this guy and what he is trying to achieve… If you’re not familiar with the show let me recap the first season.

Jamie headed to Huntington, West Virginia.. it’s been called the unhealthiest city in America! Nearly half the adults in this city are considered obese, Jamie had a big job ahead of him.. he took on their unhealthy habits and was confronted with lots of bureaucracy, especially when he took on the school cafeteria’s.

Unfortunately I didn’t see the last bunch of shows, so I have no clue how he did but I can imagine from the shows I did see, he had a difficult time but eventually managed to turn some lives around… now he’s taking on LA.. and they aren’t giving in to his healthy ways without a fight! Should be a fun Season! Oh and if anyone can recap the rest of last season for me, I’d be soooo happy!


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