What a week

Posted: March 31, 2011 in General

So I have worked late at work each night and working late at home on the blog and doing things around the house so I have a hard time getting up in the morning for the gym BUT I am still getting workouts in at home and it seems to help because my weight is still going down bit by bit… very slowly…. Yesterday I checked and I was 154 lbs, I was 163 around Christmas time and 158 a couple of weeks ago when I started with regular workouts again. Since Christmas I have lost 9 lbs! Not bad since I don’t have tons to lose to begin with and this last bit is soooo hard! It’s all around the belly and it is STUBBORN! The weather is starting to get nice out so I think this weekend I’m going to go for a nice long walk with my dog, see if she can keep up! She’s a chihuahua so we’ll see lol! I am also going to go to the gym with a friend this weekend, which will be fun! I haven’t seen her since High school, so I’m looking forward to hanging out and working out!

Anyways time for work again, wasn’t I just there? Lol, feels like I just left an hour ago! Oh well… off to work I go, have a great day everyone!

P.S – Tomorrow is Friday! Knowing that, makes me smile! :)


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