What did I accomplish?

Posted: April 4, 2011 in General

Well just thought I’d send a note out, unfortunately my weekends don’t always have enough time for me to get everything done, so I didn’t manage to get the post done that I wanted to (my 2nd Loblaws video and recipe). I’ll work on it Monday night if time allows it. But thought I would still do a post…

This weekend was a weird one in that I got things done but felt like I didn’t get anything done… I’m not sure how that works. I didn’t get to work out as much as I was hoping and I didn’t eat as well as I had hoped, I had birthday cake, some snacks I probably shouldn’t have but I doubt it will do much other than just stall my weight loss for a few days.

I wasn’t in the greatest moods and was still stressed from a long week, which led to not eating properly. I get frustrated when I don’t get everything I want to get accomplished on my weekends. I planned for a walk on Saturday, since it was a nice day outside. Didn’t get a walk in but did manage to get a game of table tennis in, which was at least a bit of exercise for an hour or so.

Sunday I managed to get to the gym, got some laundry done, went and got groceries. I got home and cooked a small turkey, made the Quasadilla mix so I can have Quasadilla’s this week or put the mix on salads. Then I made my chicken and rice soup.. I spent lots of time in the kitchen Sunday chopping things up, I also made chili the other day so my freezer is nice and full for a little while again. I work late so I don’t have the time to cook meals during the week. I cook the meals on the weekend and freeze them and just pack them in my lunch so I always have options. Right now in my freezer I have Chili, Turkey Quasadilla mix, chicken Cacciatore, Curry Chicken and Chicken and Rice soup.

I actually think freezing meals is something I would still do even if I did have time to cook supper during the week just because for me, it saves time and it saves me money in groceries/not eating out. Whatever works right? Anyways, so I do feel like I accomplished things but I didn’t eat well so I don’t feel incredibly good about my weekend but I’m moving on… You can’t have good days, every day! There’s ups and downs in life and you just have to accept the fact that you can’t stay on track every day, you are going to have those off days where things just happen and you can’t control what that day brings you. Life happens.. so I say, tomorrow is a new day.

It shows how much I have changed just by saying that because before, when I started this process.. if I screwed up, I would give up and start over the next week. It would throw my whole week off, not my whole day or even half a day like it does now… I handle it better. I don’t usually have bad days, it’s usually bad meals or I miss a workout because, like I said life happens… in the end I still get all my workouts in during the week, just in ways that I wasn’t planning. I either stay the same in weight or lose a pound or two which both are perfectly ok with me, preferably lose… but staying the same is good too. So really I’m not hurting myself by having the odd day that I don’t do that great.. and in the end, when I look back over the past year and I think that I wasn’t really trying to lose weight – I wasn’t going to the gym every week 5 times a week..maybe 2-3 times a week. But still, in 1 year I have lost 19 lbs, slowly.. with only regular exercise and watching what I eat (still enjoying food) I didn’t even realize I had lost any weight in the past year until I thought about it and looked at my old measurements…

This to me is huge and makes me feel like even though I have my bad days, I’m still doing enough the rest of the time for it to make a difference in my health. Even though I didn’t notice I was losing weight, I actually was.. losing weight is creeping up on me now much like my gaining did… I can’t believe that I didn’t even notice… It just goes to show you that if you stay on track and get exercise(even just a couple of times a week) it does make a difference, even if you don’t think it is.. 1 lb here and there it adds up. If you think about it, even if you only lose 2 lbs in a month that’s 24 lbs in one year!


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