Hello Quantum

Posted: April 11, 2011 in General

I got my new Quantum scale today! Boy it came fast, I ordered it Thursday… It’s all set up nicely in my bathroom waiting to tell me if I have lost or gained…. can’t wait to get started with that! I actually tested it out and weighed my cat because I have been controlling his food portions, trying to get him to lose weight but had no idea if he has until today. I held him in my arms and stepped on the scale. It said I gained 22.3 lbs! lol Wow my cat is fat… but turns out in the past few months he has lost a pound.. You go furball! lol Good job my fat little buddy! My cat furball

I also weighed my dog Bella and she weighs 6.8 lbs.. she’s good at maintaining. I think she has been that weight for a few years now! After that 5 km walk the other day, I can’t see her gaining! So from now on, I will not know what my weight is anymore.. only my a plus or a minus, which is ok with me. If I ever get curious, they have a scale at the gym!


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