Questions for ya…

Posted: April 11, 2011 in General

Here’s some questions for you… along with my answers. You can add your answers, ask your own questions for next time or give your opinion on some of my answers.. Livin’ up that comment section!

1. How do you find the time to get exercise into your busy day?

A: At first it was hard but once I got use to it, I had more energy in the day so I was still able to get everything I wanted to get done in the day and manage to get a workout in. I usually go in the morning before work (get up earlier) or after work (instead of watching tv)

2. What is your favourite healthy living type television show?

A: I don’t watch much television but when I do sit down I like to watch shows like Heavy, The biggest loser and Jamie Oliver(any of his shows, he’s a great chef and I enjoy the Food Revolution series) I don’t necessarily agree with the shows and how they lose their weight(Biggest Loser) but I still like watching them to see how far they’ve come.

3. How do you find the energy to get in your exercise when you have no energy at all?

A: I think of my workouts as an appointment… if I have a exercise planned, I go. I don’t think about it, I just do it. If I have no energy, usually once I start working out the energy comes. I just make sure I give myself the proper nutrition, so that’s not my reason for a lack of energy, otherwise it’s really hard to get that energy when you do start working out.

4. How do you keep from getting sore after a workout?

A: Again proper nutrition, your body needs proper nutrition to have enough energy to get in your workouts and you need to refuel properly following your workouts. Eat complete proteins/Carbs(not high carbs) before your workout, make sure you’ve eaten them within 2 hours before your workout. Following your workout eat healthy, quick digesting carbs(higher carbs)/complete protein between 15-45 minutes. That 15-45 minute window is really important.. You need those carbs to replenish what you used during your workout and the protein to help repair muscles… if you don’t do this or wait too long after your workout to eat you’ll be sore and you won’t have much energy to go into your next workout. Our body is really complex and it’s a really long explanation, but that’s the shorter explanation..

5. How often do you watch television in a week/day?

A: I have the TV running in the background sometimes but am not even watching it, like now, the TV is on but I’m typing. So it’s hard to say how many hours it’s on but the amount I watch is probably around 1-3 hours a week. (Sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more)

6. How long have you been overweight and what made you decide to change?

A: I started gaining weight in college, 1999. By the time I was done college I had probably put on 15 – 20 lbs and I kept gaining from then until 2008 when I joined the gym. The thing that made me change was that I was sore, ALL OVER, all the time and knew it was because of my weight. I had to change or I would literally be in a wheelchair, WAY TOO YOUNG. Best decision I ever made!

7. What are you going to do this weekend to keep with your weight-loss goals?

A: Get some sleep to make sure I’m rid of this cold, get to the gym and continue eating healthy. I’m going to plan my meals for the following week and get my groceries, maybe even cook some meals ahead of time.

8. Do you find that the scale helps or hinders your weight-loss efforts?

A: It at first hindered my efforts, I would get mad because I was checking everyday and even though I felt like I should have lost 5 lbs, I didn’t move. Plateaus were the worst. Eventually I decided to only weigh myself once a week and stick to measuring myself but I find it helpful now to keep myself on track. (Making sure I don’t gain, when I’m trying to maintain my weight)

  1. Rachelle says:

    1.I take walks with the kids, dance while doing laundry or cooking and if I do have a few minutes to watch tv I do lunges or squats or whatever exercise I can do in front of a tv.

    2.Heavy is my favorite but I also enjoy Ruby

    3.I just keep telling myself that I will feel better once I get to the gym and tell myself that if I don’t go to the gym I am wasting my money.

    4.I do lots of stretching before and after my workout as well as have a protein barre or shake.

    5.Maybe about 1 hour a day but it’s mostly background noise.

    6.Since grade 2.

    7.Plan a physical activity that involves the whole family like a walk or going to Cosmic Adventures. Make sure we are home for our meals.

    8.I find it helps me a lot cause when I loose it encourages me to keep going and if I happen to gain it fuels the fire to keep me going and prove to myself I can do it no matter how many times in my life I was told I couldn’t.

    Great questions by the way! Hope your feeling better.

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