Filling your mouth full of junk

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Food, General

You are what you eat (literally) and do you really want to be junk? So why do you eat junk food (foods with fillers, additives, processed, sugars, chemicals)?

Junk food has a vicious cycle and what that is, is once you start you can’t stop…

The reason? Well when you eat junk food or you are dieting and not giving your body what it needs in terms of the proper nutrients, it reacts by telling you to eat more junk. And that is where the vicious cycle begins…

Losing weight is not difficult when you combine your healthy eating of super foods like fruits, vegetables, meats with the ever so popular exercise.

But it really is that simple, give your body the nutrition it needs, that it craves as well as the exercise to get lean, strong and healthy and let your body do the rest. It will shed those fat cells and add some muscle!

Please oh please, don’t starve yourself. If you are a female you should not be eating any less than 1200 calories a day and if you are exercising regularly your body will need more fuel. Calories = energy (just make sure they are good calories and not calories from junk) Men shouldn’t eat less than 1600 calories a day.

I only count my calories when I feel I need to, to get back on track. It gives me an idea of how much I should be eating in a day but it’s not something that I will continue to do forever but what I will do is continue on eating healthy and having the right portion sizes.

If you are trying to lose weight and you are still eating foods that aren’t that healthy, you are setting yourself up for binges…

When you rid your body of all the unhealthy foods and only give it healthy foods, you won’t have those old cravings of things that are sweet, full of grease or salty. You have those cravings because that’s all your body really knows in terms of nutrients, it doesn’t know any better that there’s other things out there that are better for it. It craves what it knows. And because it still isn’t getting the right nutrients, it keeps craving and craving, so you keep eating and eating. (not what we want)

So if you stop eating the junk and start eating the healthier foods your body WILL adapt and will start to crave healthier foods.

Just some food for thought ;)

  1. Rachelle says:

    You are so right about eating healthy and the junk will taste bad. I am getting back on track with my eating. I will conquer my food demons lol.

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