Getting back to a routine, again

Posted: April 14, 2011 in General

I was sick last week and this week I’ve had a hard time getting back into the momentum of getting workouts in. My eating has been really good, just have to get back into the more regular workouts.. 2-3 a week just isn’t enough! Stupid cold! Not sure why exactly this week has been so tough with exercise but I think it has to do with my hours at work shifting back and forth.. next week I start doing 9-5 for a few weeks and over the weekend I’m going to get my new meal plan and workout routine written down and things should go a little smoother.. I was assuming I hadn’t lost any weight this week, so I stepped on my new scale and it said 0 lb (at least I’ve stayed the same) so we’ll see how next week goes.

I am thinking next week will be a tough week because I’ll need to get use to a new routine with my work hours, eating, sleeping, getting up, going to the gym all at different times.. should be interesting.

Tomorrow I am going to take my measurements, I have lost about 4 lbs in the past month so I should see a bit of a difference but not much. I will post my measurements, from the very start so you’ll be able to see how far I have come. I know I have lost a few inches, unfortunately they still aren’t coming off in the area I want them to but I am hoping that will change this next month!

I am going to get back to measuring every month again just to give me an idea on my progress. Right now, I just can’t wait for the warmer weather and summer! Swimming, walking, fresh air!

  1. Carrie says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. And don’t worry about being off schedule…everything will fall into place!

    Looking forward to seeing your measurements and progress. I’ll be updating my blog shortly with my measurements and weights for the past few weeks. Been recording but haven’t had time to post them up.

    Another beautiful day today! Had a long walk at lunch and another one with the dog when I got home.

    Just about to input my walks into Great tool for knowing how far you walked and how many calories you burned off.

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