Guest Blogger – Why isn’t my routine working?

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Guest Blogger
Janet Fougere

Janet Fougere

Question: Why isn’t my routine working?
Now there’s a loaded question!  There are a number of factors that could stop you from reaching your
Boredom – Mix it up!  The same routine becomes boring, plus it wont challenge your muscles.
Maintaining variety is the key. If you keep doing the same routines over and over your body will adapt and
you’ll plateau — in the fitness world, that word is synonymous to “Houston, we have a problem.” If you’ve
been doing the same thing for more than 6 weeks its time to change it up.

Intensity – Too many of us stop the movement (set) too early.  OK so right out of the gate for sure take it
easy, but after you’ve been training for a number of weeks (6-8 weeks depending on your fitness levelWeight Lifting
and experience), get prepared to challenge the muscles.   When resistance training, the last 3 reps in
your set need to be difficult or you’re wasting your time.  Your cardio also needs to be more intense, if
you’re running the same route or repeating the same class it’s time for a switch!  Try interval training or
the new Zumba class.
Nutrition – Be mindful of your eating.  Eating a healthy diet is essential to making the most of your gym
time.  Eat the correct portion sizes, the right balance of protein, carbs and fats & avoid processed foods.
Opt for more fresh fruits and vegetables, fewer late-night snacks & more lean protein: chicken, fish and
almond or peanut butter. Limit your consumption of alcoholic drinks.

Physiological – Ok some of you are working hard & still not seeing results.  If you’re not overtraining,
there may be physiological imbalances. Talk to your doctor or consult a naturopath for testing and advice.


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