Learning to eat…

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Food, Gluten Free

I can’t say that I ever truly ate properly.. When I was a kid I ate junk, yeah mom gave me my potatoes and veggies, but I would sit at the table forever and never actually eat them.. they would inevitably (4 hours later) end up in the garbage, whether I had to sneak them in there or not.

I wasn’t even a big fruit person, I ate the odd apple or orange but can’t ever remember trying new fruits to see if I liked them.. I ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted but up until college it didn’t matter. I didn’t gain lots until I started sitting on my butt all day and as I got older my unhealthy eating caught up with me.

NOW I am at the point where I actually can’t see myself ever going back to that, I have learned so much about the foods that I put on my plate and my body has adapted to the new foods I am eating now that even when I decide to venture off into a fried food, sugary or salty treat. I can’t eat it… I remember what it use to taste like, and I crave how it use to taste but now.. I have a piece and spit it out. AND if I dare continue to eat the food, I have stomach pains, I feel bloated and uncomfortable, even sick to my stomach.

How can this be that the foods I ate for all those years, I can’t even touch anymore? I can’t savour those tastes.. I have to say I do miss the odd indulgence but now that I have found new foods that I love, that I enjoy just as much, the memories of those foods are fading and new memories of spitting foods out, cramps, nausea are replacing them.

I can’t eat a pizza or a large poutine, I have trouble eating candy, or a regular chocolate bar and fried foods, forget about it! Won’t even go there!

When I was eating those type of foods before, the foods I eat now, I hated.

Now I eat gluten-free(no wheat, barley or rye), 85% dark chocolate, beans, pure cranberry juice, coconut water, vegetables, salads even some fish like cod or halibut… the list goes on and on. I have to say 15 years ago(even 5 years ago), I would not eat one of these things… unless the chocolate came with lots of sugar or the fish was battered and fried.

It amazes me now, that I crave the foods that I once hated and that the foods that I once loved I now can’t eat.

I am actually enjoying learning about all these new foods I have never tried before and all their great and wonderful health benefits. Who the heck needs gluten, preservatives, ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. When you have all these foods out there, foods you probably never even tried.. foods that are healthy, that your body will one day crave. Think of all the tastes you are missing out on and all the good you could be doing for your body.

As I discover these foods, I will share my discoveries with you. I have found that going gluten-free once again is forcing me to discover healthier options.. to learn how to eat again. But eat to nourish, not to just satisfy a craving.

My body thanks me for it.

  1. Rachelle says:

    It’s funny how foods we use to eat all the time now make us sick and the foods we hated we now crave. I remember my mom also giving us veggies and stuff but while she tried to make us eat healthy she would have a can of diet coke and some chips for breakfast and lunch. I guess I picked up some of her habits as time went on but I have never let my children see me eat anything unhealthy at meal time. I do enjoy my special K in the morning and look forward to it now where as before the though of cereal would repulse me. Have a great week!

    • angela says:

      I am writing a speech about the benefits of cooking your own meals. any ideas or comments that will be useful please share I enjoyed your message.

      • tialee11 says:

        The biggest benefit is to your health. When you eat out, you don’t know what you’re getting. When you cook at home you know everything you are putting in your mouth, when you cook from scratch it’s even better, then you don’t get all the preservatives. You spend more time as a family, you get more nutrients from your food, you save money, especially when you plan ahead and buy in bulk. Learning how to cook and to cook healthy meals is the best thing you can do for yourself and your families health.

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