Guest Blogger: Easter Eating, for the love of chocolate

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Food, Guest Blogger

I love Easter and who doesn’t? It is full of sinful treats; especially for the chocolate lovers. But not all chocolate is created equal. For a healthier version of your Easter treat, reach for the dark chocolate varieties and it just may ease some of your Holiday guilt.

Dark chocolate is higher in antioxidants, powerful nutrients that help ward off disease states such as heart disease and certain types of cancers; the darker the better. Research suggests eating chocolate at more than 70% cocoa. YUMMM! And, consuming dark chocolate may also help with your hunger. It has been suggested that the stearic acid in dark chocolate has a satiety effect in the stomach which means it will make you feel fuller, longer and help ward off those hunger pangs.

But, watch the portion sizes; 2 small squares is all you need to get the best nutrients punch.

How to eat less for your Easter Holiday weekend

•    Watch your portion sizes; eat off a smaller plate. You can always go back for seconds.
•    Eat smaller amounts of chocolate; try saving it for dessert and not eating it all day long.
•    Try giving a small dark chocolate to your favorite person and a small gift as well; flowers or stickers are great ideas!
•    Stay active; RUN to find those hidden easter eggs.
•    If all else fails and you still manage to eat too much, do some DAMAGE CONTROL. Fat storage due to excess calories with take about 48 hours so don’t get angry, get even. For the next 2 days, stay active and eat less; you will not gain those extra ounces due to the Easter overindulgence.

Helene CharleboisBy: Helene Charlebois, Registered Dietitian


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