Back to work, sore stomach

Posted: April 25, 2011 in Food, General, Gluten Free

Hopefully another week of 8 am to 4pm to look forward to.. not a short week for me this week as I am among the ones who has to work on Monday but it was nice to have Friday off and it was a good weekend, even though I didn’t eat as well as I should. Not to say that I ate unhealthy foods I just ate some gluten when I shouldn’t have. I find it so strange how your body adapts to foods. For years I ate foods with gluten in it, not realizing the damage it was doing on the inside. While if I ate too much of foods with gluten or grease, I would feel crappy so I wouldn’t eat lots but I could eat a little and it wouldn’t bother me.. NOW I try to eat just a little, thinking it’s all in my head and within 30 minutes of eating the food, my stomach aches, pains, noises begin.

I really started to believe again that I didn’t have a gluten problem, that the last time I went off gluten my biggest stomach issues were more stress than gluten and while I was off it for a few months. When I went to Cuba, I ate gluten the entire time I was there and didn’t have one tinge of pain. So I thought, maybe it isn’t gluten. I think what happened was at that point my stomach had healed enough where eating it wasn’t causing me any problems, that I noticed. It was doing the damaging effects to my stomach but not to the point where it was causing pain. It just slowly and silently caused damage, until it has done enough that I started noticing it again.

Argh! Now I am back to square one, I can’t eat it without feeling like I have just eaten shards of glass for dinner.

My body reacts to ALL foods now that aren’t good for me.. Everything seems fine when you are eating it all the time. Your body gets use to it (For example: Sugar, greasy foods, salt) when you stop eating those things and then have one little indulgence, it doesn’t taste the same, you may feel sick, get a headache, stomach pains, weird noises coming from your tummy. The food just doesn’t agree with you anymore. Your stomach’s way of saying, yeah I don’t want that stuff in me anymore. I’ve been doing good without it, so please don’t do that again!

Lol, honestly it’s a good thing in a way because it makes it easier to not eat foods that are bad for me. But it makes me sooo sad at the same time because I love food, especially foods that I shouldn’t have… And the thoughts of never being able to eat a normal slice of pizza or garlic bread again just breaks my heart. I’m sure in the future eating those things won’t give me the pains it gives me now but at the same time I know it is still damaging me, my intestines, my health. So is it really worth those couple of yummy bites? Not really but I will be dreaming of eating pizza.. I have yet to find a good gluten-free pizza that even compares.. or some yummy fresh-baked bread. Gluten-free bread, it’s just not the same.

I continue on my mission to find new foods, foods that won’t hurt me.. foods that are just as yummy and won’t feel like shards of glass in my stomach. They are healthier, they make my stomach happy, so in turn they make me happy. Good-bye gluten, I’ll miss you but I won’t miss the many aches and pains you create!

On a brighter note, I was down almost 3 lbs this weekend, until I ate the gluten and managed to bloat up and I’m guessing retain water, enough that I am back to seeing zero on the scale today. I am hoping once I feel better it will go back down. It wasn’t that I ate too much or ate lots of sweets or didn’t exercise. I was good, except for the gluten, so we’ll see in the next few days if the scale goes back to normal. Lesson learned, even if it smells so yummy and looks so good… DON’T EAT IT! <one last sigh>

  1. Rachelle says:

    I was in the Sobey’s the other day and the have a bunch of different gluten free pizza crust. Not sure if they are good but I thought I would mention it.

    • tialee11 says:

      I’ve tried a lot of them, I have yet to be impressed. Though I heard the gluten free pizza at Alta Vista Tavern is really good.. gonna check it out sometime!

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