Obesity and politics

Posted: April 25, 2011 in General, Health

Take measurementWhy isn’t the issue of Obesity not coming up in politics? One of the most common causes of disease/death here in Canada and I haven’t heard a whisper about it in this campaign. Now I can’t say I pay much attention to politics, or elections and I can’t say I even would vote.. BUT if a party actually came up with a plan to deal with this health crisis, I would actually consider voting (depending on what the plan was of course).

It really irritates me that so little is being done here in Canada to combat obesity and it will continue as long as our politicians continue to NOT put it on their priority list.

Apparently I’m not the only Canadian blogger who is irritated by this. Check out Healthy, Happy & Wise guest-blogger Travis Saunders recent post on his obesity panacea blog as well as Family doc and founder of Ottawa’s Bariatric Medical Institute Yoni Freedhoff’s blog called weighty matters.

I will be curious to know how many political representatives step up in the last days on the political trail.

Will any even show up to the upcoming National Obesity Summit in Montreal at the end of the month?

Anyone in attendance to the summit, please let me know!

  1. Rachelle says:

    Wow I wasn’t aware there was an Obesity Summit. I have missed the deadline for this year but will definitely be looking for the summit dates next year. I’m also mind boggled why Canada isn’t doing anything to help with the obesity epidemic.

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