Feeling ugh…

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Food, General

That is the best way to describe how I’m feeling right now, Ugh! I have done this whole gluten-free thing before and the first time I felt SO much worse before feeling better, and I now remember this and don’t feel so freaked out about it this time around. I know they tell you if you go gluten-free you’ll feel better if you have problems with gluten. Some people, including myself, actually feel worse long before I start feeling better, I have less energy, everything in me hurts, muscles, joints, my stomach.. and I know it’s not because I’ve eaten gluten! Most of what I eat is just one ingredient type foods.. still no dairy for a while, even a bit of yogurt bothers my stomach a bit.. I will likely just find a combination of foods that don’t bother me and eat those until my stomach starts feeling better again but I have to say this part, sucks!

I can’t believe I did this to myself again, I was so convinced that if I just stay away from whole wheat and eat gluten in moderation I’ll be fine. I don’t know if it was because I actually ate whole wheat foods recently that things got worse or just because I have added more and more gluten into my life in the last year or so. Doesn’t matter, the fact is I shouldn’t have. Now I know better. It hasn’t been really really bad like the first time going gluten-free.. the first time my stomach was a mess, not happy AT ALL!

This time around, I hardly noticed the aches and pains, they were mild but slowly getting worse. Something needed to be done.. face reality Tiana you are gluten intolerant and likely a Celiac… Can’t wait until this whole feeling awful part gets better, I have no energy, totally drained and always hungry, not at all as bad as the first time but I guess I forgot just how much it sucked.. lol

Needless to say my weight-loss efforts this week have so far taken a back burner as I can’t muster up the energy for workouts.. I’m hoping this will only last a few weeks. I think the last time it didn’t last too long before I started feeling better but can’t remember just how long.

I did check out the scale this morning and noticed it said -0.8.. so hey, at least I’m still seeing a minus! I was a little fearful to look since I haven’t been to the gym for a couple days and didn’t do any sort of exercise in the past day or two.. I’ll see how I feel after work and try to muster up the energy to get to the gym or at least do some sort of workout at home.

I actually think that cutting out gluten, once I start feeling better again I will see a drastic difference with my weight loss efforts. I had lost a bit of weight the first time I went gluten-free and I think being gluten-free made it easier on my body to process the foods properly.. PLUS cutting out so many carbs, breads, pasta, crackers etc.. can only help! I did have a tendency to eat more carb rich foods when I was hungry that were full of gluten, so now I have to resort to healthier options. Not to say that they were bad options before just bad for me because they had gluten in them.

I dread this process, I dread eating out, having to explain to people why I can’t eat certain foods, going to restaurants and not being able to eat the foods I LOVE! It’s not fun at all and it makes it hard for someone like me to go out and eat anywhere else other than your own home. I can see how many celiac’s just stay at home, don’t bother at all with restaurants and dinner at friends homes. Even if you explain it, people don’t really get just how much just a bit can actually hurt you, nor do they get just what foods have gluten in them and which ones don’t. Never again, no more gluten for me. Unless accidentally ingested, which I’m sure will happen..

I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing..


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