Feeling good today

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Food, General

I actually feel pretty good today, couple days ago I was in agony from the food I ingested over the weekend but took a trip to the Natural Food Pantry at Billings Bridge and the nice ladies there helped me find a few things to help me out. Now I had researched this before going but I wanted to make sure these would help before paying for them, so not only did I ask the ladies there for advice I also asked Guest Blogger and Nutritionist Rachel Hewitt for her advice.

Thankfully everyone seemed to agree that what I was about to buy, would likely help me out. So off I went and bought some Probiotics, Aloe Vera Juice Gel (bought the wrong one) and some digestive enzymes.

The first evening after I got home I took the Aloe Vera Juice Gel out but didn’t realize it was Gel until I tried to drink it and turned the bottle over and nothing came out. I gave it a squeeze and it was jelly.. lol I laughed, said oops and grabbed a spoon. I can say it tasted AWFUL but I took that when I got home as well as the digestive enzymes with my meal and started feeling better pretty quickly, the stabbing pains in my stomach got better… didn’t go away completely but were bearable.

The next day I woke up with a bit more energy and a lot less pain so I took probiotics and digestive enzymes with my breakfast and had some more Aloe Vera Gel later in the day.. I didn’t have much pain at all yesterday and most of my energy had come back by the end of the day..

So today, I woke up, refreshed and with lots of energy… Monday and Tuesday I felt pretty lethargic so having my energy back made me SOOOOOOO happy! I packed my gym clothes and lunch and headed to work.. I have every intention of getting to the gym and making up for lost time since the weekend.

I will continue with the probiotics everyday and the digestive enzymes probably for a couple of weeks until I feel like I have helped my stomach heal enough. A little help never hurt. Aloe Vera Gel will probably be every day as well just for a few weeks, a little more help for my tummy.

I also sent out a list to family and friends of all the foods that are and aren’t safe for me to eat…  these are the people who I normally see or who might be kind (and brave) enough to feed me. Here is part of the email…

Barley, Wheat, Gluten, Rye, malt, Modified cornstarch or any type of modified starch, soy sauce (check label), Teriyaki sauce, anything that says MALT…

I can’t eat Pasta or breads unless they say Gluten-Free or are made from potato, chickpeas, corn, rice, coconut, sorghum or tapioca flours, which are safe…

Foods that commonly have gluten in them
Breads, Pasta, Soups(package and cans), some seasoning mixes, Teriyaki sauce, salad dressings, crackers, cookies, cakes, baked goods, gravy mixes or cans, lunch meats, soy sauce, some canned sauces like tomato sauce, meatballs, hotdogs, sausages, Worcestershire sauce

The less ingredients the better and the more whole foods in the ingredient list the better… Dairy, meats (except processed meats or meats with seasoning on them), eggs, Fruits and Veggies are all safe..

A complete list of Safe gluten-free Foods

A complete list of Unsafe Foods


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