Weightloss – such a mental game

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Fitness/Exercise, Food, General

Weigh yourselI can tell you the reason I never bothered, tried or even succeeded in losing weight in the past was that I had decided that it was too hard, that I couldn’t do it, that it was just not possible. Until I saw someone else do it and then I thought well maybe it is possible.

I tried and when I started to succeed that’s when my thinking started to change. All it takes is motivation..

If you convince yourself from the beginning that you won’t succeed, if you start and fail and just think that’s the way it is for you and you are different. You are wrong!

Finding the right knowledge and getting in the right frame of mind is key to your success long before you try any weight-loss/exercise regimen. If you have a reason to succeed, if you decide that it is time to do this, that you will change your life, that you will lose weight, that you will conquer your flab.. you’ll succeed.

Our mind is our own worse enemy. We can talk ourselves into or out of something in the blink of an eye. One moment you can be focused and determined to get a workout in and not eat any sweets and in the next moment you are shoving jujubes down your throat or wolfing down a bag of chips.

I call it mindless eating, you eat without thinking about it. It has become a habit. There’s also the little voice inside that insists that that one jujube really isn’t going to hurt you and before you know it that voice has managed to talk you into eating the bag.

Stop yourself before it goes too far. Try putting reminders on your cupboard doors, put up sticky notes if you have to that will help you with your goals.

Sometimes when we’re hungry we just mindlessly grab whatever looks appealing and eat and go. We don’t realize we’ve done it until it’s too late. A little planning, can go a long way. Think about what makes you mindlessly eat food and try to change the routine so that it makes you stop and think before it’s too late.

If your goal is to not have sweets, don’t have sweets. Get the temptations out of your home.. have healthy snacks available and before long when you are getting hungry and reaching for foods you’ll be mindlessly eating but you’ll be eating things that are good for you and actually enjoying them because your body will get use to them, use to getting the nutrients your body needs.


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