Change is good

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Food, General, Gluten Free

I have been on this cycle of constant change for the past couple of years and I can’t say there’s been many bad changes in my life. So for me, change is good, even when I think it’s bad! It all works out in the end.

For example, the hours I was working the past couple of weeks, 8 to 4pm. As much as I love those hours and wouldn’t mind working them for the rest of my life, when you have nothing to do at work, it makes for a very long day. So this week my hours changed back, this change is good. Not for my social life but for my sanity, it’s good.

Going gluten-free, as much as I hate not being able to eat a normal pizza whenever I feel like it, I have to say this change is good. I am eating healthier, I am learning more about my body every day and I am starting to feel better. As long as I don’t accidentally eat gluten!

Coconut! I can’t even begin to tell you have much coconut has changed me in the past little while. After learning that it can help with weight-loss I have been discovering a million different uses and how much more healthier it is for you than just a few little things. I told you in my last post that I use it to cook, on my skin, I even have been drinking coconut water. Now this has only been in the past week but I have already noticed a huge change. My hair is silkier and softer, my nails aren’t brittle, I have always gotten hang nails(I bite my nails which doesn’t help) and now my nails are so healthy looking and no hang nail in sight! I have rubbed it on my very very dry soles of my feet ( from years of wearing sandals in the summer) in just two days my feet are already really smooth and my nails on my toes are improving as well. I also drink coconut water and have just been starting the past few days using coconut oil in my cooking. I’ll let you know how it helps me in the long run but right now I already have TONS more energy, up until I started using the coconut oil a few days ago I was pretty run down and sore from going gluten-free. I have completely regained my energy and I will keep you updated on if it lasts. I was thinking I would slowly get it back over a few months but this quick, I’m excited because I haven’t really been to the gym much and have only been doing very little exercise at home 30-40 min of zumba and that’s about it. Just to stay active. So if this energy keeps up, I’ll be back to a regular work out schedule by the end of the week! I have also noticed a HUGE difference in my face.. I have only used a tiny bit on my face after a shower, just because my face was really dry. I have a small problem with acne and my skin is starting to clear up. Not sure if it’s a coincidence or what but I’ll keep you posted on that as well!

If you haven’t looked up the health benefits of coconut yet, do it! It helps fight diabetes, cancer, infection, heart disease.. and that’s just the beginning. You won’t realize just how much it will benefit you, until you start taking it. I wasn’t much of a fan of coconut but since it’s so healthy, I figure what do I have to lose? I’m so glad I started it and I am actually really starting to like it… I tell you if you try coconut for 1 month on your skin, in your cooking and you don’t notice a difference I will be shocked… just make sure that it’s pure organic unrefined virgin coconut oil. I don’t use canola or vegetable oil to cook anymore and rarely use olive oil unless it’s for salad dressings.

So that is where I’m at right now. My weight is around the same, hovering around or just below zero. So we will see how that improves as my health gets back to normal. And with gluten out of my life I can only imagine that I’m going to feel better than ever, especially with coconuts in my life! lol Have a good night! And have some coconut will ya!

  1. Carrie says:

    FYI: Topper’s Pizza has a gluten-free pizza crust!

    Check it out:

    You can order your pizza online. And you can choose the crust. One of the choices is gluten-free (for a small pizza only, but portion control is important!) lol.

    So order up a small pizza, gluten-free crust, load on the veggies and you’re good to go!!


    • tialee11 says:

      I will think about it, it worries me a little when on the allergy section they have wheat and gluten seperated and the wheat has more food with wheat ingredients than the gluten list.. that makes me think that they just don’t understand what foods have wheat and gluten in them.. wheat is gluten so the lists if anything should be the same or atleast the wheat version smaller than the gluten since gluten is in barley wheat and rye.. I’m so reluctant to order food from other places, especially pizza because gluten free pizza usually tastes awful.. lol atleast in my experiences so far! ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think you should give them a call and ask some questions. Topper’s Pizza is the only pizza facility approved by the school board to cater for pizza days, pizza parties, etc.

    They are the only ones approved due to their nutrition value and their attention to allergies.

    Owen eats Topper’s every Thursday at his school. I trust them, as Owen and I both suffer food allegies.

    Might be worth while to look into them a little further.

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