I’m still here :)

Posted: May 6, 2011 in General

I haven’t forgotten about you all, there will be a post by a guest blogger today but it’s a really long detailed post, so she is just putting the finishing touches on it and I’ll put it up for Saturday. It will be a post by Fitness Trainer, Janet Fougere.

Right now I have decided to go through ALL of my cook books and pick out recipes that I might enjoy, that are gluten- free. I am numbering each of my books and then writing down the name of the recipe, the page number and a little note like if I need gluten free ingredients such as noodles etc to make it. This will make it easy for me to prepare menus for each week, make grocery lists. I can quickly pick out a couple recipes that I want to make, find the recipe quickly and write down what it is I need to buy groceries.

I did this before in the past but managed to lose the piece of paper, so I am writing it on my computer, saving it so I will never lose it again. I have lots of cookbooks, so this may take a while but it will save me lots of time in the long run so it’s worth the time put in.

So, I might not have the chance to write much in the upcoming week or so while I try and get it all done. I will try and give you short updates as I am going along. I’m still around though, sorry for the absence, I’ll try and post as much as I can. Have a great weekend!


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