Ah ha!

Posted: May 11, 2011 in LCHF/Paleo

I have gone gluten-free lately as you might already know. I have decided to try more natural products on skin to see if it helps out. I get itchy, dry skin and even little pimples on my shoulders. So I changed to Kiss my face Olive oil and Aloe soap. It’s a huge bar of soap, will last a while.

My skin is feeling better, it’s smoother and most of the little pimples have gone away. Now my hair is driving me nuts, I shampoo with Kevin Murphy Shampoo and sometimes when it gets dry I will switch to Moroccan oil which hydrates my hair but I don’t use it as much because the Kevin Murphy bottle is huge and I could only find the Moroccan oil in little bottles. My hair was dried out and my scalp was getting really itchy(I also have small pimples on my scalp), so this past few days I switched to the Moroccan oil. My scalp was getting better and my head wasn’t nearly as itchy, it was clearing up but I started running out of the Moroccan oil so I switched back today to the Kevin Murphy bottles (still a bit left). I dried my hair and have been itchy all morning and it seems that I have broken out with more pimples all over my scalp.. even the back of my neck and my back are itchy. Probably from rinsing the soap out of my hair. Up until now I thought it was just the way my scalp was. I didn’t think that maybe it was the shampoo or conditioner. So I did some online research, turns out there’s gluten in the Kevin Murphy shampoo & Conditioner but none in Moroccan oil. I bought a big bottle of Moroccan oil today, I’m going to finish off the Kevin Murphy stuff and not buy it again… Clearly I’m having problems with this product. I really didn’t even think it was possible for your skin to react to gluten but it’s either that or there’s something else in their products that is bothering me, either way, my scalp will thank me for the switch. Who knew!

Now I’m worried how my head will react when I get some highlights done.  Each time I go, my scalp is itchy and sore for days afterwards. I assume it’s from the chemicals that are put on my head but it could be the product they use has gluten in it. I will have to ask next time I’m there. It’s funny how you go for so long not noticing the things your body is trying to tell you, until one day you do a little experiment, sometimes without even knowing it and you have that ah ha moment. I had that moment today! I’m sure I will have more…


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