Darn weather man

Posted: May 12, 2011 in General

I was excited the other day when it seemed the weather man changed his mind and decided to have sun for the weekend. Then I looked at the weather again and now it’s back to a forecast of rain all weekend. Come on weather man, make up your freaking mind already!

This morning it’s laundry time and getting caught up on the computer with blogging, getting my recipes caught up. I tend to find great recipes on the web and email them to myself but then they just sit there in my inbox, waiting for me to do something with them. So the 20 emails that are sitting there are going to get sorted!

I made some fresh salad dressing last night, nice and spicy. Something different from the regular olive oil and vinegar I usually have. I can’t say that I am a huge fan of salad but I try to dress it up and make it with different tastes so that it doesn’t feel like I’m eating leaves. I think my mouth will be scorching after this salad dressing!

I’ve managed to get exercise in Monday and Tuesday twice a day, Wednesday just in the morning and tonight I think I will go to the gym again. Hopefully my sore muscles will be better tomorrow and I can go for a walk if it’s not raining. I have a hard time getting to the gym on the weekends, or even getting a workout in so if I work out everyday during the week, I don’t feel so guilty on the weekends if I don’t have time to do a workout.

I found a recipe for pizza crust that I’m going to try, it is using coconut flour and mozzarella cheese in the crust. Interesting and probably really fattening, it will be my treat every once in a while. Going gluten-free pizza is one of the things that I miss the most. So hopefully this crust is awesome! I’ll make the crust and freeze it and when I have ingredients I’ll make the pizza. I have made my pizza sauce in the past but hopefully pizza sauce doesn’t have gluten in it, so then I won’t have to make my own.. Some times I just don’t feel like making everything from scratch. I know it’s healthier but it does take time!

This weekend as you may or may not know is the gluten-free food fair, I’m excited to try some foods out. Plus it will give me something different to do this weekend, I might go a bit early and walk around the market first before heading to the fair. It will be nice to see the new congress centre as well. I’m sure it is much more spectacular in person.

I’m hoping that I can do a weight/measurement update this weekend (middle of the month) but I haven’t lost much so I doubt there’ll be much of a difference. I am guessing it is about the same, I did notice that I measured my last one wrong and took an extra inch off my chest when I hadn’t actually lost an inch.. Sometimes you just measure in the wrong spot. LOL oh well.

I did weigh myself at the gym the other day and while my “AT HOME” old scale said I was in the 150’s the “GYM SCALE” said I was in the 160’s. I don’t know which to believe. I know I haven’t gained 10 lbs and it seems more realistic that I am in the 160’s but that would mean that when I started this journey I would be 215 lbs and not 205lbs.. Am I willing to change the numbers? Either way I have lost 50 lbs so I guess it doesn’t really matter that much!

BUT I honestly think the scale at the gym is a bit more accurate than my crappy at home scale and the new scale I have doesn’t tell you what you actual weight is. So maybe I’ll never know what my real weight is! I guess as long as the scale keeps saying a minus and not a plus, I’m happy!

  1. Rachelle says:

    I find the scales at the gym are never accurate. If you ask the staff they will probably tell you it either adds weight of substracts weight. But your right when you say it doesn’t matter cause either was you lost 50 pounds. Hopefully the weather man will change his mind again before the weekend. Pizza crust sounds interesting. If it works maybe you can put the link to the recipe on here.

    • tialee11 says:

      Yeah I’ll try out the recipe and if I like it I’ll either put it up on my blog or add the link. If I have time I’m going to make it tonight, then freeze it. I’ll try a little piece first lol

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