Carb withdrawal

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Food, Health, LCHF/Paleo

I can’t say that I really ate a lot of carbs lately but since my body is use to using them as fuel, when I cut them out usually I go through a huge withdrawal for a few days.. Normally I give up in a few days/week or I don’t cut out that much. Just a small bit and the scale moves, very slowly. I don’t necessarily quit I just don’t go too low on carbs because I don’t like the withdrawal feeling and it doesn’t seem to go away. (Now I know I was doing it wrong )

This time I’m going to continue and just deal with the withdrawal to see where it takes me. (Apparently it should only last about a week as long as you are eating, veggies and FATS) That’s right I said fats.. I eat whole eggs, nuts, cream, butter, cheese, olive oil, coconut oil, coconut milk, meats with fat on them, bacon, cream cheese. (Even dark chocolate – cocoa butter) Not the bad fats – fried carb loaded foods.

The reason why I’m sticking with it this time is because in the past, the withdrawal never seemed to go away until I started adding more carbs and I would have no energy at all, I just felt miserable. I knew I wasn’t giving myself enough food for energy, I was eating too low of calories, I was hungry all the time. Low carb, high protein and low-fat just doesn’t work. I don’t like feeling deprived, I want to have energy…So I would go back to how I ate, I would lose a bit of weight here and there but would never lose lots at once because it was too hard to stick with the lower carbs for long.

BUT low carb was the only way I could lose any weight, which is why I only lost 5 lbs here, 5 lbs there.

How is this time different? I have fat as my ally, fat has calories, it is burned as energy and your body will use it instead of carbs. Yes I still eat carbs, just not much, I’m forcing my body to burn fat instead. (Fat from foods AND fat from my body)

My body has burned carbs for 32 years so it, as usual, is putting up a fight. It’s not like I ate sweets or fried foods. My main carbs were just rice and oatmeal, dark chocolate but carbs are carbs and honestly I didn’t think it would suck this much!

I’m sticking with it though and once I get to the other side I know I will feel better and I will be confident my body still has enough calories and enough food that I don’t feel like I’m starving myself. I just have to get over this bump! A bit of a headache, sore joints, low energy for a few days is worth it if it means there’s a better way to live at the other side of the little bump.

I am not doing this because I want to try the next fad diet, this to me is a test. A test to a theory that I have that your body needs fat, it doesn’t need carbs as much as we are led to believe. I have done LOTS of research on this, by doctors, scientists, journalists, specialist in obesity research. It’s not something I would try if I didn’t truly research it first. To me, there’s got to be a better way than what we are all doing. Something that makes sense. For me if something isn’t working, try something else, find a better way.

I lived in Nunavut(3 years) and I learned very quickly how they use to live 50 years ago and how thin/lean and healthy they were when their main source of food was seal (Natsiq) which is full of fat, Muktuk – outside layer of whale which is also full of fat, fish such as arctic char (Iqaluk) and caribou (Tuktu). They had a high fat, low carb diet and thrived until Southern diet reached them and they started loading up on sugars and carbs. That’s when heart disease, diabetes, obesity started to become a problem for Inuit.

This to me is exactly the same thing that has happened to us, we didn’t eat all these carbs and sugars before(say 100 years ago) we didn’t have a rise in obesity until we started introducing them. So why the heck are we still eating them?

Yes I’m my own guinea pig, I’m putting this to the test, yeah it sucks (I hate veggies) but I want to know that there is a better way, that it is possible to lose this extra bit of fat without killing myself at the gym and getting next to no results.

Monday I was down -0.4 pounds, this is the first day of my “test” and by Tuesday I was down to -2.2.  That’s almost 2 pounds in one day(WITH NO EXERCISE). I know I’ll have to find out what works and what doesn’t on this new eating plan. Find foods that I enjoy.. try new foods. It’s almost the same as going through the gluten-free diet. I had to rediscover food. Since I had already taken out breads, pastas (all things gluten) out of my diet, this new way to eat is an easy transition for me.

What I find interesting though is the fact that people say if you eat fat you’ll get fat and yet, I am eating HIGH fat, low carb and in one day have already lost 2 lbs.. If that theory was true, this wouldn’t have happened. It will be interesting to see where this week leads me. How I’m eating is a slightly modified Ketogenic diet…

You shouldn’t be afraid of fat, be afraid of carbs! I’ll keep you updated on my progress, once I get my energy back I’ll start working out again… for now no exercise, we’ll see how I lose weight without exercise. I have never lost any weight before without doing at least 4-5 days a week of exercise. The fact I have lost 2 lbs already without exercise, is amazing to me. Can’t wait to get my energy back and start working out again though… now if only I can like veggies more than this would be so much easier. Good thing I like salads! I just have to be more creative!

Any suggestions on a low carb meal, snack I could try?

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  1. rgrevatt says:

    Congrats on going low carb! It’s my default way of eating now and I’ve been very happy with it – never really feeling deprived like I have with other diets (really I don’t even consider it a diet anymore).

    One of the best pieces of advice I’ve gathered regarding the headaches in the first couple of weeks of lowcarb eating is to supplement your salt intake, I found it really helpful to alleviate the “flu” symptoms.

    I agree with you about fat- eating does *not* make you fat, and a low carb low fat diet is very hard to maintain.

    I’ve been very happy with meat and green vegetables generally, but when I want a casserole or something “sweet” I’ve had good luck with

    Hope you enjoy it!

    • tialee11 says:

      Thanks so much! I think so far this is the way to go and if it is working for me then it can work for others. I hope I can convince those I care about to consider changing the way they think about food and try this approach. It is a change, I’m not a big fan of vegetables but if it is going to make me feel good and healthy than I am willing to add more veggies into my meals. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out, I actually visited that site before but haven’t grabbed any recipes from it yet.. Thanks again for the message, hope you are doing well!

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