Bye to carbs, I won’t miss you

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Food, Health, LCHF/Paleo

In carbs, I mean SUGAR.. the other carbs are alright with me in the form of veggies and fibre but sugary carbs, I’m not going to miss you, I don’t crave you, you aren’t good for me. And you know what? It annoys me so much to know that we have been told for SOOOO long to avoid fats, when we should be eating more of them and less carbs. Why on earth are we still getting this wrong? With all the people out there, is there not any research going into this? Obesity kills more people than anything else, so why aren’t we figuring this out? Why isn’t the government listening to the facts, the research? Why does it take me a few months of reading research for me to figure it out and come to this conclusion but health experts can’t.

Our “FOOD GUIDE” needs to change!!! Why is it a health requirement for me to eat carbs? They aren’t healthy, they make me gain weight, I get things like CELIAC disease from them, how is this good for me? I’m so annoyed! Take a look at the food guide recommendations and tell me what you think should change? This is the reason we are getting fat, this food guide right here…

How would I change this food guide? First of all take out the juice and replace with water(we don’t need juice), move grain product to the bottom and should be labeled as a once in a while type of treat and not a daily serving. Separate the vegetables and fruit into different categories, more veggies, less fruit, even have a separate section for veggies that includes starchy vegetables(eat less starchy vegetables, lots of the rest), Healthy fats should be their own category and include some dairy products such as eggs, cream, cheese along with healthy oils, olive oil including saturated fats like butter and coconut oil. Meats of course should be up top along side the fats, we need more protein and they don’t necessarily have to be lean cuts of meat either.  Salt should be added as well.. but please use sea salt! It’s better for ya! There ya have it Tiana’s food guide, what do you think? Do you agree? If not what would you change and why?

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