Wow, I feel great!

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Food, General, Health, LCHF/Paleo

I’m energized, I’m not hungry, I’m losing weight, I’m enjoying my food and purposely I have barely exercised this week to see if what I am doing will still work. The answer is YES, I will give you my numbers on Sunday when I weigh myself and measure myself. Let’s just say that since Monday(3 full days) I have managed to do what it took me a month to do in April, the entire month. Last month I went to the gym, I ate rice and oatmeal, fruits, veggies a bit of gluten-free socca bread a few gluten-free desserts but not tons and I managed to lose 4 lbs, in one month. In three days I am at 3.6 lbs, that’s about 1 lb a day.

The best part is, I feel great.. I  only did 30 minutes of zumba in those 3 days, that’s it, nothing else, no weights, no walks, no gym. I’ll continue the rest of the week with maybe one more zumba workout or possibly a walk when it’s nice out. Not heavy exercise by any means and see where I’m at on Sunday. The rest of this month I hadn’t lost any weight at all, the scale stayed pretty much around zero.

I have to tell you it is very frustrating to think of all the work I had to do to lose that 4 lbs. In the 50 lbs that I have lost so far, I have put in a lot of work into that. It shouldn’t be so hard. Now I’m realizing, it doesn’t have to be. High Fat, low carb. Come back to my blog and I will give you more information on eating High Fat, Low carb including an entire country that is going against what they have been told about fats and winning in the fight against obesity. PLUS I’ll give you a lot of the resources I have used to figure this whole thing out, including information on what to eat, why this works, the science behind it etc. I’ll also give you stories of real people, even doctors who changed the way the think, they practice after realizing eating fat is actually good for you.

I’m excited, I am happy to be eating the foods I am eating, I’m excited to share what I have learned with all of you and to me, it has made me realize that reaching the weight I want to be at IS possible. The scales are moving and things are looking up! If you have been eating High Fat Low Carb I want to hear your stories, your stories are what will convince others to try this out for themselves. Which will lead ultimately to having those you love around for many more years to come.

Make sure to check out and LIKE my Facebook page I just created. The goal is to spread the word of the LCHF lifestyle so that we can startgetting EVERYONE HEALTHY again.. If you are from another country, start your own LCHF page on Facebook and help spread the word.

  1. Carrie says:

    Awesome! Way to go girl!

    What do your daily menus look like this week?

    • tialee11 says:

      I have bacon and eggs for breakfast, the eggs are spiced with some salt, roasted garlic and some cheese on top. I drink coconut water and coconut milk, with the coconut milk sometimes I add the coconut water and a bit of cocoa.. coconut water has potassium, saves me from having to drink chicken broth to curb the carb withdrawal. For a snack I have a variety of nuts and seeds, for lunch I have chili or salad with lots of veggies and either chicken, turkey, bacon and some cheese on top, olive oil and vinegar for dressing, I have another snack, usually my leftover veggies that I didn’t put on my salad. I add an extra container just so I have more.. I actually seem to eat less and I am not as hungry as often. I drink TONS of water and I’ll start adding a bit of variety once I have time to look up new recipes. I have found a couple that look delicious though so I’ll try them/ and post once I figure it out. I’ll post them for sure, one is a recipe for pizza crust (low carb) and the other is just a low carb bread recipe that I found called Oopsies. ;)

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