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Posted: May 21, 2011 in LCHF/Paleo

Just wanted to update you all on how my week is going. This week has been an awakening for me, I have realized that there is another way of doing something and it works far better than what I was doing before. If only I had known! It wouldn’t have taken me 3 years to lose 50 lbs. It would have all been gone in less than a year I’m sure.

The biggest problem I had in the past was with energy. I knew then I had to exclude carbs to lose weight. When I started this journey, that worked. I got rid of a lot of carbs(gluten), and slowly lost quite a bit of weight. Because I went gluten-free due to a gluten intolerance I had to change the way I ate.

BUT the problem I had is I had eventually reached a point where if I had any less carbs, I would have no energy. I found an even balance between carbs, fats and protein that was working for me. With this way of eating (Mod-low carbs, High Protein, low-fat) I was fine at the beginning of the week, revved up. I was set to take on the week, go to the gym every day. By Wednesday, no energy. I had to take a break from the gym. Thursday I would get a bit more energy but by Friday, I was dragging myself to the gym. Worst part was when I got to the gym, I didn’t have enough energy to complete everything I wanted to do.

In the past month or so I had discovered coconuts, I was eating coconut oil with my foods, drinking coconut milk once in a while and even coconut water. It made a huge difference, I had lots of energy. I was able to do much more at the gym but I still couldn’t go very low on my carbs or I would burn out like usual mid-week. When I kept noticing pounds coming off, then coming back on. I had to figure out what was going on.

That led me to tons of research(you can read the longer story here) and inevitably discovering the world of LCHF.

Before starting LCHF between March and April, it took me the entire month to lose 4 lbs and I was struggling. I had sweet cravings mostly that I would give into once in a while, was making it to the gym(dragging myself towards the end of the week) about 4-5 times a week.

This past week, without carbs, I have had more energy than at any point over the past 3 years. The only day I didn’t was day 1 and I was going through some carb withdrawal. Once I added salt, I was revved up again. This week I have not exercised the 4, 5 or 6 times a week like last week or even last month. I exercised once, so far. I did a zumba workout on the Wii on Wednesday morning. I have seen a steady 1 pound loss all week up until today where I have stayed about the same as yesterday. I did this no exercise thing on purpose to see if it is possible to not workout like a crazy person and still lose some weight. IT IS! I was thrilled, needless to say my body is still more full of energy than ever before so I am going to have to go and burn off that energy or I’ll never be able to sleep.

Normally I sleep 8 or 9 hours a night. This past week, I slept 6 maybe 7 and I would wake up, wide awake. Unable to get back to sleep. Weird, that’s never happened before. So as of today I am going to start adding more exercise into my schedule, burn off some calories so I can sleep a little longer. If that doesn’t work than maybe I really just don’t need 8 or 9 hours of sleep, maybe my body only really needs 6 or 7. Before it was just working so hard trying to process all the sugar I was putting into it, that it needed that extra time to recover. Who knows. I’ll find out this coming week.

The other thing I noticed is leg cramping. I have had it the past few nights while I was sleeping so that might be why I was having a hard time sleeping all night. I think there’s an easy fix to that, add more salt throughout the day. I only had salt in the morning, by the end of the day I probably should be having more but I haven’t. I’ll add more salt and see if that helps.

Did I mention I have lost 3 inches total in 5 days? For me, who doesn’t really have tons of weight left to lose, this is huge!!

Do I ever plan on going back to the way I ate before? No way! I never really enjoyed it that much to begin with.

For example last weekend before starting all this there was a gluten-free food fair at the brand new Congress Centre. To me (at that time) gluten-free food means, healthy meals with meat, vegetables, some fruit maybe some rice or oatmeal. Did I find any of that there? NOPE, I paid $5 to get in and I really wanted to sample lots of foods but what did I find? Brownies, cakes, cupcakes, bread, noodles. Basically replacements for foods they shouldn’t even be eating anyways. Not only that but have ya seen the sugar content in gluten-free packaged foods? It’s almost twice as much as it is in regular foods.

Let me tell you something, if you have Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance you have to do one of two things: come to terms with the fact that you shouldn’t be eating this stuff to begin with. Say your good bye’s to these foods and don’t look back, secondly find healthy food, that’s good for you, not processed, doesn’t have TONS of sugary carbs.

I barely ate anything at the gluten-free food fair.. I was in a sugar coma after the first 3 samples. I found some chicken soup that was pretty tasty but I had a hard time seeing much chicken in the soup and more noodles.

Can I really say I enjoyed the foods I did try? Not really, they aren’t even remotely close to the foods they are trying to mimic other than the soup and maybe a brownie but everything else I tried, I didn’t enjoy.

Since day 1 of dealing with my gluten intolerance the best thing I ever did was rediscovering my kitchen, cooking healthy meals, preparing them ahead of time for the week. I had excluded 90% of sugary carbs out of my diet.

How did things change in a week? Last week, I ate lots of fruit, some potatoes but not much veggies, I ate rice and oatmeal. Those are the carbs I had each and every day. They were holding me back. I added more fats(lots more) more meats and more veggies and took out all the rest. Now I’m losing.

It all makes sense to me now why I was having so many difficulties with energy, cravings and losing the rest of the weight. I really thought I had to do 6 days a week at the gym and do weights about 3 times a week to lose weight. And even then it came off SLOWLY. At a snail’s pace…

This week I proved you don’t need to do that, I can exercise now because I enjoy it. It makes me feel good! I think that should be more the point to exercise, to make you feel good, to strengthen your muscles, your heart. NOT SPECIFICALLY as a weight-loss tool. I see much more enjoyment out of my life to come…

I have opened my eyes and now I see ;)

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I’m also looking for more recipes, stories you have that you’d like to share. I plan on getting some stories told!!! Email me at tiana.macleod@sunmedia.ca or add it in the comments.

Have a great LONG WEEKEND!!!

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