Screaming from the rooftops

Posted: May 24, 2011 in LCHF/Paleo

If I could I would scream from the roof tops about LCHF.. right now my objective is to help readers make their own decision as well as my family/friends. At least try this way of eating for a month. That’s all it would take make up their minds.

I’m convinced that if someone, anyone tried this way of eating that in a month they would notice drastic changes in their health, their energy, their weight. This is how great I feel doing this.. that I am willing to speak so passionately about this. I have never thought that what I was eating was wrong, until I realized I had a gluten intolerance, then I started to slowly see that maybe other things were bothering me as well. One day I would be fine other days my hips would hurt or I would break out with pimples, I would have no energy and then tons another day. I had no idea again that it was my food.

I had cut out gluten, and after that I thought what I was eating was healthy. I thought I was doing everything right and I was getting lots of exercise, so it couldn’t possibly be that.

So why was I not losing weight? I need to exercise more and eat less? That’s NOT POSSIBLE! I don’t have that much time to spend hours in the gym and if I eat any less I will become a zombie.. Low/mod Carbs, High protein, Low Fat.. WAS NOT WORKING! There’s got to be something else, so I researched and researched.

I finally figured I was missing something, something critical, something that would give me the energy I so desperately needed, the clear skin, the pain-free body. What was that thing I was missing? FAT! Now once I did that and drastically lowered my carb intake, wow what a difference.

I am the type of person that will research something until my eyes fall out, until I come up with a logical answer, and I’ll find that answer, research it some more, try it and see if it helps. Some things helped and I kept them as part of my daily routine, others didn’t.. THIS DOES!

I can’t wait for my family, friends and readers to start seeing great results, results like I have experienced. But you don’t know unless you try.. here is a good place to start

If you read this and it helps you, come back and write a comment on my blog on how it has helped.

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Recommended books can be found at this link –

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