Almost cried at the gym

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Fitness/Exercise, Food, General

Not because I was sad but because I was so freaking happy. My hips have always been sore, even mildly sore and all week I really just thought it was in my head that my hips hadn’t been hurting. I even went for a walk last week and they weren’t sore afterwards or the next day. Odd, has never happened but must just be because I have lost some weight.

I have NEVER gone to the gym and not made my decision of what I was going to do there based on what I felt like doing. I always based it on the degree of pain I was in.. usually I do weights right away but I was anxious to see if my hips would start to hurt so I went to the elliptical. I breezed through 20 minutes, didn’t feel like quitting, wasn’t tired, my legs weren’t tired and hips didn’t hurt.

Ok the real test, the treadmill. Now the treadmill I haven’t actually been able to go on until recently – the past year or so.. Considering I have gone to the gym for 3 years, it really doesn’t seem like all that long ago. Anyways when I go on the treadmill I usually walk with my hands on the railing because my hips will hurt more if I put all my weight down on them (like a normal person). Today, I walked like a normal person. Hands weren’t on the railings…  out of habit, they kept going to the railings but I took them off because I didn’t need them there. I did 10 minutes on the treadmill and no pain.

So I thought ok, I still have energy.. weird.. at this point I usually want to quit and go home but I was ready to do more so I went and did the weights… after a cardio workout.. I usually don’t ever have the energy for that. I thought let’s see how long I last. I even put the weights up higher than I can usually manage. I haven’t been able to put the weights up at all.. I try it and I have to go back down a bit because it’s too hard. So I thought, yeah I’m brave.

No problem… what? I left the gym thinking I could probably do another 30 minutes with no problem, but I didn’t want to push and I did have to go get a few groceries on my way home before the store closed… this has been the most amazing past couple of weeks. Not only have I managed to get rid of my hip pain almost 100 % of it, ok maybe closer to 98% but I’m losing weight and I have TONS of energy. I never in a million  years thought any of these things would happen, especially in the same week. I want to cry. I really do.

This makes me excited that I can actually do normal stuff again.. like maybe even run outside or play a sport I’ve always avoided because my hips hurt. And that 5k I am doing on Saturday, I’m not even a little worried about it now. It will be easy! I might just go back and do another lol (ok maybe not) Oh and guess what, I weighed myself today and in a week and a half I am down 7.5lbs… awesome! I can’t stop smiling!

  1. w0rld4vamps says:

    I got the comment you left on my page and I wanted to let you know that I completely agree with you. I understand that exercise is for increased strength and agility and losing weight mainly has to do with choosing the right, healthier, and less processed food. In reality I don’t really plan to count calories for the rest of my days. In the past I’ve used it to kind of gauge my eating habits, see a pattern in writing and adjust from there. Since I’ve been in a plateau for months now I figure it’s about time I returned to the “score board” if you want to think about it that way. Does that make sense? Thanks again for the insight! I’m loving the look of your blog!


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