I finished and I’m still alive!

Posted: May 29, 2011 in Fitness/Exercise

Well I did it, I completed 5k and I’m still standing. My hips remarkably didn’t hurt at all and I managed to get done in under an hour which is what I was hoping for. My official time was 50:38.6, that’s pretty awesome! My calf muscles were sore but I was jogging on and off throughout which might be why and today my thighs and calf muscles are mildly sore but my hips, not even sore! I’m proud of myself, I couldn’t even walk 5 minutes only a few short years ago and now I completed a 5k race.. That was my goal to complete it and I did and under an hour.. now I can work on doing it faster for next time! ;)

The picture to the right is of my parents and I before the race, they did the race with me, along with two of my good friends Chantal and Laura!

Now the problem with this race is that by the end I was starving! So I had a banana and some gatorade and lots of water…

Then following the race we went out for supper where I did well, I had a quarter chicken dinner with salad, no dessert. But then I went to the movie theatre and since I had gone sooo long since last seeing a movie, I thought a small popcorn wouldn’t hurt. Well it did, during the movie after I was done my popcorn(full of sugary carbs) the hips started aching and it became hard to sit still..

The pain didn’t last, it went away through as I was sleeping last night but I woke up with lots of pimples on my chin… my clear skin, not so clear anymore! AND to top it off, I had gained  a pound and a half.. geesh! I’m pretty sure it was mostly the popcorn. It could have been some retaining water from eating the carbs along with the gatorade and the half a banana.. that’s a lot of sugar for someone who doesn’t really eat it anymore..

The carbs were so not worth it.. I even woke up with a bit of a headache this morning, sugar hangover maybe lol.. Anyways it’s gone now but lesson learned! All in all it was a great day, thanks for all the support and for all the people along the way who cheered my name even though they had no clue who I was! It was awesome and it didn’t rain!

If you ran any of the races this weekend, please post what race you did and what your final results were… and congratulations all who participated and made it to the finish line!

Thanks to my friends Chantal and Laura for coming out and supporting me!!!

Laura Perreault (Finished 45:09.5)

Chantal Forsyth (Finished 51:44.1)

  1. Chantal says:

    That’s funny because I felt hungover this morning too! Must be from all that extra sugar that I am also not used to!

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