Wouldn’t it be nice…

Posted: June 13, 2011 in LCHF/Paleo

Isn’t it nice to have some time off, to relax and enjoy life? The past two weeks I have had a 4 day weekend followed by a 3 day weekend. Wouldn’t it be nice if every single week during the summer is like that? Sigh..

I was pretty lucky, I had nice weather, got to spend time with my Aunt and got lots done but I also did something I don’t normally do. I relaxed. I didn’t worry about the gym or getting workouts in. I got work done at home and actually did reading, watched some tv, spent time with friends and family. It was nice and I really haven’t done much of that lately. I even put a lawn chair out on my balcony and soaked up the sun for a bit one warm afternoon.

Though I don’t tan very well, I think I am exactly the same colour as when I went out to get the sun.  I didn’t burn but I think if I stayed out any longer, I probably would have. I don’t wear sunscreen anymore, something with the chemicals in the sunscreen that when heated by the sun my skin breaks out… so now I just get a base tan, make sure I don’t burn the first few times and after that I’m good for the summer. Plus that way, I make sure I get my vitamin D. Something that is hard to do when you are keeping it out from all the sunscreen you put on..

Now that I am back to a regular work week and I relaxed a bit for the past two weekends it’s time to get back to a normal schedule again. I have lost maybe another pound and I am about -7lbs now. Which is awesome, considering I haven’t had any exercise at all other than running around with my friends kids lol (which is a workout in itself) I have eaten healthy but have added more fruit which seems to be fine. I haven’t gained anything from adding fruit. I also have had limited sweet cravings by adding in the fruit. I’ll have to be careful and watch, if a certain fruit causes cravings I’ll have to avoid it for a while.

The only time I notice a gain is when I add a meal in that has corn, I almost always see a rise in my weight the next day and it is back down the day after when I return to eating normal. I was out the other day after work with a friend and decided the only thing on the menu I could eat that didn’t have gluten in it was some nacho’s, so I ordered a small and it was pretty yummy.. Alas the 2 lb weight gain the next day from a small nachos didn’t make me pleased. I also had a hard time sleeping that night.. Now I have since eaten more nacho’s (still have a bag in my cupboard) it has taken me forever to even open the bag and the bit I do have leads to weight gain, but I slept fine that night. So really if I’m ok with the weight gain the next day, it really isn’t all that bad but knowing how much sugar is being converted in my body after I eat it and how unhealthy it is really makes you think, is it worth it? Should I just throw the bag out and find something else to snack on?

You can’t feel guilty for enjoying food once and a while and I guarantee you I don’t. I knew what I was doing. I know if it had gluten in it, there’s no way I would have even considered it. It takes me forever to feel better after having a dose of gluten.. but while I eat good 80% maybe even 90% of the time. I think there’s always room for enjoying the odd food once in a while. Nobody is perfect and you shouldn’t feel guilty for being normal. If I didn’t have a gluten intolerance, would I eat a piece of garlic bread once in a while? Absolutely! Would I feel guilty about it? Not even a bit. I know I don’t do it all the time and I know I enjoy it, and what is life without a little enjoyment?

Let’s see how many workouts, walks I can get in this week! I’ll let ya know!


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