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Relaxing and enjoying the sun

Posted: June 7, 2011 in LCHF/Paleo

Hey all! Maybe you were wondering where I’ve been? Or not, either way I’m back for a few days, I was off for a four-day weekend and tried to stay away from the computer as much as I could.

I’ll be off again on Friday for another long weekend so it’s a nice 3 day week at work for me.. not too shabby! Next weekend I’m going to try to concentrate on relaxing for a change and maybe getting caught up on some cooking.. my freezer supply of meals has diminished!

Not much is going on with me, I’m still eating the same way and other than a bowl of popcorn(so yummy) at home one night have eaten pretty well. The popcorn really didn’t affect my weight much. I gained 1 lb the next day and the day afterwards I lost that pound again.. I did notice after I ate it that I had like a sugar rush and found it hard to sleep, never experienced that before from popcorn, was sort of weird! It was still yummy though and a nice treat that will become more and more rare since I’m almost done the container of air popped popcorn and don’t plan on buying another one when it’s done!

My problem now is exercise. Not because I don’t want to or don’t have the energy but because I have spent so much time reading and helping other people I haven’t really made time for myself to get in more exercise, so the scale isn’t moving much, but it’s still moving a bit. I’m not in a rush at this point and knowing that I don’t have the time now to get in tons of exercise even the slight bit of change at the scale and in my measurements is still positive.

I feel pretty great though so I’m not complaining, probably the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life and it’s certainly showing.

The summer is going to be pretty crazy and hectic for me, usually is. So much going on, so I don’t know how much time I will have to be writing posts and catching you all up but for the most part I will at least give you updates and put up the odd recipe I find that looks interesting. I actually have tons now, I just haven’t had the chance to add them to the blog. Let me know if you have any requests such as snack foods or salad ideas. I really do have lots! Just really hard to pick one.


Jean-Luc Boissonneault

Jean-Luc Boissonneault

I would imagine that most readers of this blog realize that over consumption of carbohydrates is really what’s making us fat and is a much more common issue than eating too much salad. But once you understand and accept this you may be tempted to simply focus on eating the right foods with no care of how much you are consuming of it. Next thing you know your salad intake goes from a small bowl to a head of lettuce. But who cares right? I mean it’s salad. Read on to find out.
The upper part of the intestine contains cells that release hormones into the bloodstream when they are stretched, like after a meal. These hormones signal the pancreas to produce some insulin to prevent a blood sugar rise that might otherwise follow the digestion of the meal. Large meals will cause greater stretching of the intestinal cells which will in turn secrete proportionately larger amounts of these hormones. Since very small amounts of insulin released by the pancreas can cause a large drop in blood sugar, the pancreas simultaneously produces the less potent hormone glucagon to offset the potential excess effects of the insulin which will cause gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis and there by raise your blood sugar.
In short: If you eat enough to feel really full then even if it’s salad it will still increase blood sugar and insulin. And as we know what insulin does. Insulin is the fat storing hormone.
Here’s the story of Dr. Bernstein (not the same guy that you’re thinking of) and his patient from his book Diabetes Solution.
“Many years ago a patient asked me why her blood sugar went from 90mg/dl up to 300mg/dl every afternoon after she went swimming.  I asked her what she ate before her swim. “nothing, just a freebie,” she replied. When I asked her how much salad she was eating before her swims, she replied “a head.”
A head of lettuce contains 10g of carbohydrates, which can raise a type I adults blood sugar about 50mg/dl at the most. So what accounts for the other 160 mg/dl rise in blood sugar?”
He calls this process the The Chinese restaurant effect where you could eat a whole bunch of bean sprouts but if you eat to the point where your stomach feels very full you’re still going to raise your blood sugar.
Conclusion: Portion size does count, so be careful that you’re not only eating the right foods but also not stuffing yourself to the point you need to lay down.

You can check out Jean-Luc’s blog at or his website at

Blogs to blog about

Posted: June 2, 2011 in LCHF/Paleo

I have added a long list of blogs to my daily readings and I have to say, some great information out there. Here are a few that I thought I would share with you that not only were informative but also gave me some great recipes! I love recipes, especially if they are easy and yummy ;) I don’t follow a lot of Gluten free blogs anymore, I did at first, when I went gluten-free but MOST not all have way too much sugar in the foods or they talk about substitutes for processed foods that are still processed (obvious disappointment at the recent gluten-free food fair).. so I got rid of most but the LCHF or Paleo blogs I follow are gluten-free and healthy, which is what I was looking for.

Kicking Carb Clutter – This blog and this post in particular(why does a low carb diet make you feel shaky) I found very helpful, I just found the post today but it already helps explain away the feelings I have had the past couple of weeks since starting eating low carb. In the morning especially I have a bit of the shakes but it goes away throughout the day. I knew it was temporary but it’s always nice to have a confirmation :) P.S make sure to read other blog posts on this blog, they are very informative!!!

The Rogue Cookie – I really love this blog post – three common dieting mistakes.. why? Because it’s true, the people who have been yo-yo dieting for years can relate to one of these three mistakes. It really is about figuring out the why (Why you do what you do) Before attempting any new way of eating.. Correct your mistakes so you don’t keep making them. Again make sure to continue to read other posts, lots of great info such as how to eat on a busy schedule, the benefits of gardening for kids and a yummy recipe the involves peanut butter and whip cream, need I say more?

Healthy Transitions blog – free healthy diet plans is a great blog. Misty is a nutritional advisor and has lost 85 lbs and kept it off.. who better to give advice then someone who has been there.. The blog gives a lot of scientific type info, drugs our food and so much more but her main website features a question and answer section that is very informative. The questions that are asked are ones that are pretty common about different food, natural remedies even feeding your pet. BUT if you look around the website you can find so much more – free diet plans, a list of conditions that are diet related, a list of supplements even shopping lists. Both great, be sure to check them out.

Mark’s Daily Apple – I’m reading Mark Sisson’s book the Primal BluePrint now and so far it’s quite interesting but so is his website.. You really should check it out, I look forward to reading his posts and his website is a wealth of information along with some free downloads. Today’s post is about brushing your teeth.. I love posts that make you think, am I really doing it right?

The Civilized Caveman Cooking – Great recipes like super easy cranberry orange scones, Apple Banana Cookies and Southwestern T-Bone. Makes me want to go home right now and bake while firing up the grill!

That’s it for now, I’ll be sure to keep you posted on more great blogs, posts, forums and websites as I discover them. I might repeat myself but that’s only because someone has posted another thing that is interesting enough to highlight their blog once again.

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Hey there, things are looking up today, feeling a bit better and the scale seems to be moving again, in the right direction. As you know I read ALOT and one of the books I just finished is the Paleo Solution – The original Human Diet by Robb Wolff and Foreward by Loren Cordain, Ph.D. and author of The Paleo Diet.

Now I have read the new Atkins book and while it’s interesting and easy to read it doesn’t go into much detail or science and explain or give much reason behind what they are saying. So while it is good to know the info that is in the Atkins book and the recipes are great, the Paleo books I find are WAY more informative.

Robb Wolff is a former research biochemist… A world leading expert in Paleolithic nutrition and is co-founder of the nutrition and athletic training journal, The Performance Menu, co-owner of NorCal Strength and Conditioning, (one of Men’s Health “top 30 gyms in America”) and ontop of that Robb is a former California State Powerlifting Champion AND a 6-0 amateur kickboxer.

This guy as far as I can tell from the book, knows what the heck he’s talking about, he is quite amusing and made me laugh a few times throughout the book. Especially at the very first time he said buttercup, you’ll see what I mean when you read the book.

Now the book tends to get pretty science heavy but that’s what I liked about it.. something other books sometimes lack and it goes on to explain different diseases, how different hormones interact in your body. This part you can skip if you want but towards the end of the book is where the food suggestions are, what kind of exercises you should be doing, meal plans for each week followed by recipes for that week. He’s pretty much taken the work out of it for you.. All you have to do is get groceries, clean out your home of all the non-paleo foods and go to town!

You could say that I pretty much follow a Paleo diet but it’s a bit modified, I still eat cheese and I still eat ham and bacon.. (in moderation) But this book makes it clear what the foods you are eating are doing to your system and even gives you details on how to read your blood test results and what supplements you could take and why. Very informative, well explained and when I get time I will read it again for sure, there’s lots of info I’m sure didn’t completely sink in the first time..

You can also check out Robb’s website that includes interviews, podcasts, downloads, shopping guides and much more.