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Janet Fougere

Janet Fougere

What is it?

Interval Training is intense bursts of exercise followed by lower intensity activity.
The lower intensity interval is often referred to as “the rest period” because you
recover from the higher-intensity training.   As you get more fit, you decrease the
“rest” time and increase the high-intensity periods.
The hard work is worth it; You’ll see great results in your physic and fitness level
if you train this way regularly.
Interval Time Frames
The key to interval training is exercising at high intensities for at least 10
seconds, but no more than three minutes. The National Strength and
Conditioning Association recommends specific work-to-rest ratios for interval
training: if your work interval lasts up to 10 seconds, use a ratio between 1:12
and 1:20; if your work interval lasts 15 to 30 seconds, your ratio is 1:3 to 1:5; if
your work interval lasts from one to three minutes, use a ratio of 1:3 or 1:4. For
instance, if you sprint for 20 seconds, using a ratio of 1:3, your rest period should
be 60 seconds. Read more here
I recommend interval training just once a week to start.  It’s hard on the body to
train at high intensity at every workout; you’ll need to allow your body time to
become accustomed to the increased magnitude of your training.
My Interval Workout
I execute this workout twice a week, it takes me 32 minutes to complete.
• 10-minute Warm Up Jog
I like a second phase to my warm up:
• 1-minute Run
• 30-sec Recovery Jog
Repeat Run/Recovery 3 times

• 1-minute Recovery Jog
• Repeat Sprint/Recovery 8 times
• 5-minute Cool Down & Stretch
Why Does it Work?
When changing body composition (i.e. burning fat) intensity is more important
than time, distance or volume.  Interval training allows you to exercise at higher
levels of intensity compared to steady state exercise.
Humans can’t physically train at high intensity for 30-40 minutes straight, we
need breaks to process lactic acid build-up and reduce fatigue.  This process of
extensive exertion and recovery promotes your body’s own growth hormones
and boosts your metabolism, burning more fat and building muscle.
Interval training also adds variety to your bike, run, swim etc.   Running 30-45
minutes every day at a slow and steady pace is good, but if your not getting the
results you want you may have hit a plateau.  It’s time to up your game and get
those great results you’re looking for.
I encourage you to try interval training and let me know what you think.  Looking
forward to hearing from you.

Busy summer!

Posted: July 5, 2011 in LCHF/Paleo

I guess I haven’t had a chance to come on here and say hi for a while. I have been busy all summer with a million things that are going on. My weight loss and my exercising has been put on the back burner for a while. I’m still getting exercise in, just not as much as I would like, too much going on. Just bought a new house with the bf and have been busy getting things ready for that, packing, changing addresses, I still have lots of packing to do so my blog posts will be minimal for the next few months.

When I do have some down time (not much) and when I’m not packing or sorting through stuff, I am trying to enjoy the bit of sunshine I can get. I was at my Aunt’s Cottage over the weekend, got some swimming in and a few bug infested walks. Although I love the outdoors, I’m not crazy about mosquitos but apparently they are crazy about me! I have scratched away since I got home Sunday night.. it was fun though!

While I am eating a few more carbs than I would like now (slap my wrist) I am avoiding gluten like the plague! I was at a wedding and got glutened so I figured I’m already sore, might as well have some dessert! Well that made it worse of course and I felt pretty awful for a few days afterwards. Not worth the pain for a short meal of gluten. Though I’m dying for a pizza! I still haven’t gotten over to Bella Vista Tavern for a gluten-free pizza, I hear they have great pizza there! I think Topper’s pizza does gluten-free as well, so maybe I’ll order a small some night.

As soon as I started eating more carbs again, I automatically started feeling awful.. and I don’t eat lots! I eat oatmeal and a bit of rice, some potato here and there (it is summer after all) but when I do.. I notice it! Once all the moving is done and I am unpacked and can get organized I am going to sit down and do a meal plan and cook some meals up again and get back on track. As soon as I started eating the carbs again I gained all my water weight back, which was disappointing but very expected… so I know I need to get back to it, I’m eating way more than I should and I know it… I hardly have time now to write blog posts so sitting down and getting my food organized and spending time cooking up meals to get ready for the week hasn’t been a priority unfortunately.

It will be once again soon though… losing weight is a side benefit, not my goal. My goal now is to feel better and eat healthier once again. I am so glad that I am not going overboard though cause I know how awful I will feel if I do..  it just amazes me on how much of a difference cutting out carbs makes me feel. Since I am eating more carbs I have obviously lowered my fat intake or I’d be gaining like mad.

I have some video’s I’d like to get done and put up as well, sadly they are still sitting on my camera, haven’t even made it onto my computer. I also want to get out and shoot another video over at Crossfit O-Town. Talk to them about the gym there and about nutrition because I know most cross-fit’s that I talk to recommend/encourage a primal or Paleo style eating plan.

Anyways I have to go get ready for work but I hope you all have a great and fantastic summer and when I do find a few minutes I will come on and say hi but don’t be surprised if it’s not for a while.. Enjoy your summer, stay safe and have fun!