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Posted: September 2, 2011 in LCHF/Paleo

So although I don’t always post on a regular basis anymore I still spend time reading and catching up on the news that is surrounding me about Low Carb High Fat and Paleo.

With lots of new books coming out, it’s really hard to catch up and while I would love to read all books on this subject. Alas, I only read so fast! Plus my book shelf is getting full, so until books come out as an e-book I tend not to read them.

I am in the middle of reading Everday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso and Robb Wolff. I love this book because it’s written for families struggling to get onto the Paleo bandwagon. When you start eating this way and realizing how much your health is improving you want to do everything you can to get your friends and family involved, this is a great book for that. It has family friendly recipes, advice and some great workouts, even ones to do with your kids!

Make sure to check out Sarah’s website where you can order the book, check out news and other interesting stuff.

Now over to the Former Fat Guy’s blog.. this post I love, 124 ways sugar can ruin your health. This list is great and it really puts in perspective what all these sugary carbs are doing to your body. Check out the post here!

If you have checked out blogs recently in the Paleo world you’ll have heard of the Ancestral Health Symposium. Slowly different presentations from the symposium have been popping up on YouTube. Here’s one of those talks by Professor Robert Lustig, which I found on the Diet Doctors blog.

I have had a few talks with people recently who were curious about fertility and how it may be linked with the foods you eat. So as usual I looked it up and found lots of stuff on this topic. Apparently even some people put warnings up on their blogs that if you start eating Paleo and don’t take the proper precautions, you will get pregnant. Pretty interesting stuff, especially for those who are struggling to start a family. Here are a few links – Primal Nutrition and Fertility, Paleo vs. Infertility – You must be warned, Interview with Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Michael Fox on Jimmy Moore’s Podcast

Love Youtube, you can find lots of great talks about all things Paleo on there. Here is Donald W Miller JR M.D., he is professor of surgery in the Cardiothoracic Division at the University of Washington – he gives a great talk on why you should enjoy eating Saturated fats. This is for all those of you who think that eating fat will give you a heart attack.

And for those of you who want to read a book.. a new book just came out, it’s called Wheat Belly and it’s by Doctor William Davis – another cardiologist. I haven’t had a chance to read this book yet but it’s getting LOTS of attention and I am really looking forward to getting my hands on it and finding out why. I’m sure I already know but still curious.

So you can do one of two things – buy the book. Or you can go to his blog and get updates on what is happening following the launch of his book. Here’s the link to his blog

Ok all, I’m done linking for today, have a great long weekend!


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