Why do you eat grains?

Posted: September 9, 2011 in LCHF/Paleo

In my opinion you shouldn’t and I’m not the only one who thinks this. It’s funny that it took me, a person with NO PhD to figure this out ON MY OWN, but our “EXPERTS” still tell us that we should eat these “HEALTHY FOODS”

Come on, seriously! Recently I have been so excited to see more books, more studies and even more evidence proving that the way we have done things for the past 40 years is wrong. I really wish I didn’t have to figure this out on my own, I really wish the doctor told me this 15 years ago rather than saying “you have IBS” eat more fibre.

Let me tell you something, I was 60 lbs over weight! What did I do to try to lose weight? The same thing everyone else did, I changed the way I ate. I started eating more fruits and vegetables but I also followed the dietary guidelines, I cut out the fats, salt and ate more whole wheat. This was supposed to help with IBS… BUT where did that get me, LESS energy, sure I lost weight because I did cut out my daily restaurant meals and pop habit but adding the whole wheat created even more problems. I started getting EVEN WORSE stomach pains, MORE bloating, infections and I was getting sick every other month..

According to our dietary guidelines I’m supposedly healthier because I am eating exactly the way I am supposed to be BUT why do I feel so much worse? I lost 20 lbs, then what happened? No matter how much I tried, no matter how healthy I ate, I couldn’t lose the rest. I exercised like a maniac, I ate healthier than I ever ate before and yes I did lose some weight but it stopped and I felt awful. I would burn out really fast and I just couldn’t keep it up for very long. I needed my carbs… I cut out carbs I lost weight, but if I did it for too long I would burn out, I’d get sick, I would be run down with no energy.

Why is it that this is what the doctors, health experts tell us to do.. are you having the same problem as I did? No energy, burning out, getting sick, getting injuries from overdoing it at the gym. Do you have a list of health problems that are getting worse no matter how much you follow the doctor’s advice? I thought I was making things better, but things were getting worse.

It took me hours of research to discover that food might be playing a part in my ill-health and stalling my weight loss. So, I did what any person looking for answers would do, became my own science experiment. I cut out foods, one at a time and I started feeling better. Now my energy at this point hadn’t returned but I wasn’t getting sick, I was starting to lose some weight again and the pains were slowly getting better. Muscle pain, joint pain, stomach troubles, all getting better. I started adding foods back in oddly enough milk was a bit of a culprit (didn’t figure that) but I could eat cheese, cream was fine, what about bread? It didn’t seem to bother me at first, while I noticed a difference right away with milk I figured I’d notice a difference quickly with bread. I was without it for many months and I started adding it back in (white bread) and at first I didn’t notice much, slight pains in my stomach but then symptoms slowly started returning. When I re-introduced whole wheat into my diet thinking grains weren’t the culprit all my aches, pains, quickly came back. NOW I go without grains for a week and try to have something and I have stomach pains within 30 minutes. My body has quickly adapted to me being without them and is telling me something. The funny thing is, I never thought maybe other grains might be bothering me too.

So there you have it, I went gluten-free but why am I still not losing weight? Why do I still not have energy, is something wrong with me? Back to googling I go and discover LCHF and the wonderful world of Paleo. I bought books, read blogs and guess what? It made sense. Grains and most of all CARBS were still in my diet, I went gluten-free but I was trying all these gluten-free foods like GF muffins and cookies, GF tortilla’s. I was eating rice, still eating potatoes and corn and every morning I was having a big bowl of oatmeal!

The most amazing discovery I made though was the discovery that fats are actually good for you! OMG! That explains it, I was eating High Carb, low-fat, Mod protein before and felt awful, had no energy. When I did the opposite, went LOW CARB, HIGH FAT(healthy fat) and mod protein it was like a light bulb turned on in my body. I woke up, I was alive. I needed less sleep in one night, I’d wake up refreshed, I had lots of energy and I lost weight EATING FAT!

If you don’t think there’s any truth to this, then I ask you to give it a try. You don’t have to read a book, you don’t have to do anything other than eat REAL foods. Skip the processed foods, get rid of anything that is white (potatoes, sugar, starch) Eat Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, MEAT, FISH, even dairy if you can tolerate it but rid your life of low-fat. Don’t be afraid of bacon, get rid of the margarine and switch to BUTTER. If you buy something and the label has ingredients you don’t know, you can’t pronounce, leave it on the shelf. Cook with Olive Oil, Butter or coconut Oil. Discover your spice rack again, have some eggs, WITH the yolk! Enjoy the benefits of eating the foods you were meant to eat and after 30 days come back, say HI and tell me how it went.

  1. skinny.gurl says:

    This is the direction I’ve been moving towards for a few months now. I haven’t cut out grains completely, but I am definitely emphasizing the foods you mention. It will be interesting to see the results: at the end of November I will have a complete check-up and get blood work done. At that time I will find out what the impact has been on cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and the doc might notice a loss of maybe 50 pounds or so since last year’s visit.

    • tialee11 says:

      That’s great! 50lbs is fantastic, congrats! Be sure to update me and let me know how it goes with this new way of eating. It has done so much for my health it’s really unbelievable until you try it. I can notice a huge difference in how I feel if I do slip up and cheat by eating gluten and even some grains. I’m finding out more about my body by changing the way I eat then any doctor has ever figured out for me by doing tests.

  2. skinny.gurl says:

    Thanks, will do! Have you read Wheat Belly? It’s next on my list… http://www.wheatbellyblog.com/

    • tialee11 says:

      Yeah I have ordered the ebook and have started reading it. I haven’t gotten through all of it but very eye opening book. I can understand why it’s getting such a reaction!

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