Posted: September 21, 2011 in Food, Health, LCHF/Paleo

I have found the best way to learn what your body does and doesn’t like, what is good for you and what isn’t is to experiment. You read about what foods help you and which ones hinder your health and while all the information is overwhelming, putting it to the test really is one of the best ways to know how your body will react to it. I have been my experiment for many years now and have learned lots of valuable lessons along the way. The fact is this… EVERYONE is different, everyone reacts to foods differently, some are more sensitive than others to foods like dairy and wheat. When you have learned what foods are good for you, what gives you energy, what fuels your body the best, you’re active, healthy, is it because you are following the Canada’s Food Guide?

Well a personal trainer over at Free Form Fitness has come up with a great experiment of his own! This is actually going to put the Canada Food Guide to the test. Free Form Fitness Personal Trainer Eric Briere is going to eat following the Canada Food Guide for the next month. (The fact that he is doing this clearly gives you the answer that NO he doesn’t follow the Canada Food Guide daily)

I’m sure he’s probably pretty excited about this since! What he normally eats likely doesn’t consist of a morning bagel, or a sandwich for lunch to stay lean in fit I know I’d be stoked, at least maybe for a day!

At the same time, I know how I feel when I eat foods (GRAINS) that are a huge part of the Canada food guide.. I also know how much weight I gain, how much stomach problems I have and how little energy I have. So here you have a very fit, athletic guy who is going to follow the food guide for the next month? Will he merely work off all those carbs with his workouts, will he feel better, worse? I love this idea and can’t wait to hear his updates. Check out his blog, where he’ll be posting video updates as well.

  1. Rachel says:

    Sounds like an interesting experiment. And amen to self-experimentation! As you said, no single expert has got all the answers for each individual. I wish I heard that sentiment expressed more often; instead, people are ideological and clannish-almost religious–when they talk about food and diet these days.

  2. skinny.gurl says:

    Yeah, this is great, like a “Super Size Me” but using the Canada Food Guide instead of eating at McDonald’s. I’m glad it’s him, not me … I think it would be hard to recover from eating 6-7 grain servings a day for a whole month! (And limiting to just two protein servings).

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