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Posted: May 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

This next week it will be a year since I found out I was pregnant. I really can’t believe it’s already been a year.
At this point last year I was feeling the best I have ever felt. Lots of energy, no major health issues, no pain, no headaches. I was down to 155 lbs and was sleeping great. Now I have gained 10 lbs, I’m sore all over, tired all the time( having a 4 month old doesn’t help with that) and I’m not eating the best as I once was. Even adding gluten once in a while, which is awful..
No more! I want to feel good again, have energy again! When I do sleep I want quality sleep. I’ve been trying but the thing that was lacking was a routine. If I am not exercising, I’m not eating right and when I am not eating right I don’t want to exercise.. I feel like I failed and get bummed.. The biggest problem is while I have a way to build muscle I have no cardio at home and no room for cardio equipment.. My old gym is no longer close to me since moving..soo
Today I went and got a gym membership. It’s a smaller gym near where I live and they let you bring the baby in for workouts.. Bonus! So now I have no excuses.. Though I’m good at finding them.. I’m going to aim for 3 workouts a week. I think that is reasonable and doable. The food changes as usual I will do slowly while I am getting into a routine.. I don’t have tons of changes to make, just better snacking and healthier meals.. Again easily doable. Let’s see how long it takes me to get back to feeling good at 155 lbs or less..

Easier said then done

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I have to say that this whole eating what I’m suppose to is much easier said then done. I haven’t had time to do a food menu for the week and find myself not making meals when I should be. I’m not prepared and it’s causing me to not do well. I know what I have to do to get on track, problem is I’m off work right now and the only time I have been successful is when I’m at work. I prepare meals everyday, bring them to work and that leaves me with no opportunity to eat whatever I want at home. I have no options other then what I bring.. I do well and I have no problems. Try doing that when you are at home busy with a little baby and don’t always get to eat when you want to. I am going to make this work, I just have to figure out how. I’ll keep you updated as I have time


Check out this video! It is great, it explains it well on why we get fat…


Steam ahead

Posted: May 16, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

I bought a steamer, some veggies, I’m good to go. When I was looking through the vegetables, I realized I never tried so many before. Today I’m trying Brussel sprouts, I’ll add spaghetti sauce to my veggies help mask the taste! Lol

Got to go eat, my daughter isn’t happy waiting for me to finish typing!

Update- so Brussel sprouts were gross, I spit them out but I made broccoli too and was pretty good with spaghetti sauce!


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So I have been thinking that now that I am having a bit more time I can start getting my healthy eating back on track as well as exercise. I was going to wait until the end of the week to start my 30 day paleo challenge but I have been feeling so awful lately I just want to start now!

I hate feeling sore, achy, headaches, bloated and fatigued. I know it’s completely my fault I haven’t been eating as healthy as I should be and have even eaten some gluten lately which is contributing to the headaches. I need to get my act together and just get rid of sugar completely.

The last time I did eat paleo I didn’t do it 100% because well that’s really hard. I still ate rice and oats, dairy and I also still ate potatoes and corn. This time I am going to attempt to eat as paleo as I can. I am still going to eat fruit though, trying to go more veggie then fruit BUT for me I hate a lot of vegetables! Until my taste buds get use to them I might need a bit more fruit in the mix.

I am looking forward to more energy, better night sleep and WAY less aches and pains. Having a 4 month old means I need to get the most out of my sleep when I get it. I remember when I was eating paleo I slept less and felt so great after 6 or 7 hours. Now I get 8 hours in a night and still feel like I could slip another 8! I actually feel like it is all getting worse and worse the longer I wait and my body is just one big inflammation! I am positive that this 30 day challenge will probably last much longer than 30 days but it’s a start. I don’t want to say this is a forever thing, cause forever is a long time but 30 days I can do. We’ll see how I’m doing after that… My bet is that I’m feeling so awesome I’ll not want to go back.

I’ll admit I’m addicted to food though, it tastes good and I just have to realize that my addiction is causing me all this pain. These foods are not good for me, even though people are told they are. Sugar is toxic to your body and I can definitely see it in the way I feel.

In the past year I went from eating paleo and feeling great, to getting pregnant and slipping back into not-so-paleo when I was pregnant. The pregnancy made me not want meat at all, I lived off eggs and fruit and some veggies… I still ate meat just not the extent that I did before. I couldn’t stomach coconut milk anymore and I found a lot of the meals I once loved I couldn’t even touch.

We’ll see how this goes. I am going out today to buy some veggies at the grocery store and a steamer, since I don’t own one. I’m also going to buy a few plants – raspberry and blueberry so I have some fresh berries in my garden.. yum!

Talk to you all later! Wish me luck!

Time flies by

Posted: May 10, 2012 in General

Wow! I can’t believe it is already May and I have been off work since the first of January. I just can’t believe my baby is already 3.5 months old! I really don’t have much time to sit down at the computer and get things done, so I don’t update often, as you might have noticed! I just thought I’d come on and share some pictures of my sweetie with you all and let you know I’m doing well.

I haven’t gained much weight while being off, staying around the +5lbs since having Emilie, I’m still eating well and I’m sure if I got some exercise more I’d probably get rid of that weight. Now that Emilie is sleeping better and doesn’t need as much constant attention and feedings every 1.5 to 2 hours I have a little more time so I will try to get more exercise in, especially now that it will start getting nicer out. Going for walks with my girl and some weights is about all I can handle right now but hopefully I can get back into going to the gym at some point. Probably when I get back to work and can afford a gym membership again. I do miss working out, oddly enough.

Anyways, hope you all are well. Take care and enjoy the photos!