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Favourite blogs & Recipe sites

Posted: August 31, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

I tend to venture to the same sites over and over again for recipes that I love and of course some great blogs are out there.. Here is just a few I thought I’d share

Food sites/blogs –

Favourite blogs I follow A mom like me to a boy around the same age as Emilie. Not sure if she’s paleo/low carb or not.  A blog by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, an assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa and founder of the Bariatric Medical Institute which is an evidence-based nutrition and weight management centre here in Ottawa.  Again another mom like me with a boy around the same age as Emilie.. Again not sure if she is paleo/low carb or not but her blog just makes me laugh. Very informative blog and he’s got the odd recipe too.. I found him when I was pregnant, he had some great health advice for pregnant moms and even women who are trying to get pregnant Great blog for those paleo peeps. I love the Friday stories from people who’s lives have changed eating low carb/Paleo A swedish doctor who has a Swedish website that is now translated to English. He’s leading the pack in the Low Carb Revolution over in Europe. Great blog, very informative and always has great studies, news. Another low carb doctors blog Comedian who created a movie called Fathead, it’s actually funny and informative..he’s one of many who are trying to inform the public just how messed up our food system is!

There’s plenty more, these are just a few of the 115 blogs I follow.. Yeah I read alot!

I made some burger buns yesterday and I have to say they were great! I actually liked my burger even more! I admit I get sick of wrapping my burger or hotdogs in lettuce so having a gluten free burger bun is nice. I have yet to find any low carb, gluten free burger buns. I made oopsies up until now, which were ok but annoying to make..(mostly cause I hate having to seperate egg whites and whisk)

I have made these buns three times now and the first time I used coconut oil, 2nd time I used butter. I really really like the taste of butter in these more than the coconut oil.

The recipe is for one single bun but I usually make 3 or 4 depending on how many eggs I have left at the time. Either way it’s VERY easy and VERY quick to make.

Ingredients for one single bun:
•    1 egg
•    1 tablespoon coconut flour
•    1 tablespoon blanched almond flour
•    1 tablespoon coconut oil (olive oil or melted butter)
•    Pinch salt
•    1/4 teaspoon baking powder

•    1 teaspoon nutritional yeast
•    1/4 teaspoon poppy seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Add all ingredients and blend together using a hand blender or small food processor. Let the batter settle for a few minutes to thicken.
Split the mixture into two and spoon onto oiled parchment paper to make two 3-inch diameter pools of batter. Top with additional seeds if desired.
Bake in preheated oven for 10 minutes.
Use each piece as top and bottom of a burger bun.
While it is baking you can throw your burger on the grill. If you’re lucky the burger will be done by the time the bun is cooked!
Recipe submitted by Mandy, Denver, CO

Donuts again, seriously?

Posted: August 30, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

So I went to the grocery store again today to pick up some produce to make baby food and low and behold, who do you think I see ? The donut man and his donut-making self. Why oh why? This thing has not been there for soo long! Why weren’t you there a few weeks ago when I would have wanted some??.. NOW, I eat healthy and he’s there.

This time I did not circle, I did not flinch. I looked, I imagined what they would taste like and I walked right by. My sweet tooth is going away, THANK GOD! Good riddance.. my headache is going away too. I still have a bit of one but nothing like Monday and Tuesday. Yet again more progress!

Oh and the scale? Down another pound almost at 16.8 from 20 lbs. It’s getting easier..

The first few days/week is always the worst.. once you are past the biggest hurdle, it’s all good!

Still hanging in there

Posted: August 29, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

So it’s been a few days since I started eating low carb. This headache is killing me and hopefully won’t last longer but I have made some progress. Monday I was +20 lbs, that’s 20 lbs I’ve gained since becoming pregnant.

Today it was at +17.6.. progress!

I’m going through recipes today trying to find some yummy foods to make so that I don’t get sick of eating the same old things over and over and over..

If you don’t know of this website I suggest you check it out. It’s called Chowstalker and they have tons of wonderful gluten-free and Paleo recipes. I love this site because it just gives me so many great ideas.

The test

Posted: August 28, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

I went and got a few groceries yesterday, fruits and vegetables. To help me along my way of going low carb high fat. I had a very successful day up until that point. When I got to the grocery store a fantastic smell filled the air.

I didn’t notice it as much as when I got to the back of the fruits/veggies department. Deep Fried Donuts, made fresh and mixed in cinnamon and sugar! OMG I love these things. I actually walked by them about 4 times while the guy was making the little yummy donutsd. If he actually had some ready, guaranteed I would have grabbed some. I don’t know what kept me from waiting because another 2 minutes and they would have been all done.

I actually was in the parking lot and debating about going back in to get some. As soon as I would have bought them I would have regretted it. Then I would have went home and ate the entire batch just to get rid of them as fast as possible. Why ruin a whole week of eating them, eat them all at once and it will be over and done with, right?.

So glad I passed..

I weighed myself yesterday and I was at +20lbs exactly since getting pregnant. Not what I was hoping for but it should go fairly fast (lets hope) as long as I stick to my eating plan.

I checked myself again this morning and I’m down to +18.6 (progress already) Always nice to see.

Hopefully I won’t have anymore tests this week until I get past this sugar craving.. once I’m past that, it’ll be easy to say no. Right now, if you offer me anything with sugar, I’d take it without even thinking. So if you see me, don’t offer me sugar please! Lol


Start a new, again

Posted: August 27, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

So this week I’m committing myself to eating low carb, high fat. After a week of eating foods that were incredibly horrible for me, I feel horrible.

I think I have around 18 or 19 lbs to lose. I haven’t checked yet, I’m kind of afraid. I will check though when I go have a shower and we’ll see how things go this week. I’m sure I’ve probably gained again because of all the food I ate, especially over the weekend.

I have healthy food at home and I’m going to sit down and come up with a food plan, so I can make some foods and have more foods that are healthy around.

So far for breakfast I had an omelet with some bacon, I’m eating a bowl of strawberries and cream. A glass of coconut water/Cranberry juice.

Breakfast is easy, it’s lunch and supper I find hard to find foods I like.. too bad you can’t have bacon and eggs for all meals but I’d probably get sick of it pretty quick! I might head to the grocery store too, depending on what I decide to eat this week.

Sigh, I was afraid when I got pregnant I would have to lose a bunch of weight again. It really is only in the past few months I gained weight. It really wasn’t from my pregnancy at all. So I can’t blame it on that but I know what I need to do to get rid of it. Please send me messages of encouragement. I really need that now, to help me get through a few days of carb withdrawal.. which are always so much fun!


How to burn body fat?

Posted: August 24, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

Well the common thought on this is that you need to eat carbs to create energy. You burn fat with calories in, calories out. Burn calories so you end up with a calorie deficit and you should lose weight..This is the reason we have an obesity epidemic right there. It is wrong… if you think this way and are getting nowhere with your fat loss, this is probably the reason.

I have to say this is how I thought for many years. It makes sense in a way, until you try it. You eat healthy fibre, stay away from the fatty stuff, try to eat fruits and veggies, healthy salads and sandwiches. I admit when you are eating fried food and soda everyday and then start cutting back. YES you will lose weight! You think you are doing the right thing and you keep eating this way.. the first weight loss is great. 10-20 lbs or so. THEN nothing. So you start exercising a bit more and try to eat even healthier, brown bread instead of white, more fibre. No more cheat days.. you lose a bit more weight, so you think you are on the right track THEN NOTHING. So you exercise even more… This my friends is how you become obsessed with working out. You really think we should be spending every single day in the gym or running for hours on end to lose weight? As much as I love spending TONS of hours at the gym (NOT) you really don’t have to.

Here’s the deal. You are doing some things right. You do need to change the way you eat, you do need exercise. But you are probably going about it the wrong way and have the wrong way of thinking.

Sugar and excess carbs are the reason you are gaining weight..

You are thinking, well I need energy so I have to eat carbs. No you don’t! Our body requires three things; carbohydrates, protein and fat. The body is happy to use carbs as a form of energy. It’s readily available and we eat tons of it. The problem is when we eat carbs(sugar) it creates this hormone release of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that aids in fat storage. The more carbs you eat the more insulin is released, the more fat gets stored.

So what do I eat to get energy if I can’t eat carbs? Personally I’ve tried this, you cut out the carbs but after a day or two you feel drained, you get cranky and you have no energy. So you give in and you eat carbs again. This is actually how I lost a lot of weight. I would go on and off a low carb diet, I couldn’t keep it up very long (a few days) so I’d eat enough carbs to re-energize myself then go low carb again. It worked but I hit a wall and couldn’t lose weight and I hated having no energy, I couldn’t get much of a workout done at the gym on those days. I thought something was wrong with me, I was lazy or I just had a weird body that didn’t work properly.

The only thing that was wrong with me was my brain, the way I was thinking. I didn’t consider that if you eat something to get energy then take it away, you need to replace it with something else. This is where some people would go drink a red bull. Lol

I thought maybe I wasn’t eating enough protein. Still didn’t help, so I started researching it and it led me to realize that if you eat fat (the right kinds of fat) you won’t gain fat you actually lose it. Fat is a source of energy, if you eat the right kinds of it. Please don’t go eating at McDonald’s from now on.

Your body will use the fat you eat for energy. When it doesn’t have the fat you ate to use as energy, it continues to the next best thing, BODY FAT.

It can’t use the carbs as an energy source because you have cut back the amount you are eating. It uses fat, and it likes using fat. Even more so than carbs because like I said earlier the downfall of carbs is the insulin release it creates. Eating fat does not cause this insulin release so your body won’t store it.

Lightbulb moment!

IF YOU ARE EATING MORE THAN 150 grams of CARBS a day you are eating too much. We are all different, some of us can tolerate eating 150 grams and still lose weight or maintain. Others can only eat 20 grams of carbs a day to lose weight or maintain our weight. This is something you need to figure out for yourself. But starting at 150 grams a day is a good start. Count grams, not calories so you have an idea how much you should be eating.

Seriously though, your body is smart. If you are eating fruits, vegetables, meat and healthy fats.. nuts, seeds. You will see very quickly that you really don’t need to count anything. Your body will tell you when its full, when it’s hungry. Your body is a very good self regulator. The problem with carbs is they make you feel hungry when you really aren’t. One of the reasons for this is that you aren’t getting the right nutrition out of that food, so your body just wants more and more.. You eat way more than you need and you gain weight. Eating carbs creates a vicious and tiresome cycle that we all get stuck on.

If you are having a problem losing weight still than analyze the foods you are eating. Are you eating too many fruits or starchy vegetables – potato, corn, carrots.. These all have carbs, so you need to limit the amount of these you eat. The good kind of carb is fibre, this kind is ok. It’s good for you and vegetables have this kind of carb. Who is seriously going to overeat on broccoli, to the point of gaining tons of weight?

Fats – coconut oil, olive oil are the best but also don’t go low fat.. stay away from low fat products, full fat cheese, milk, cream.. saturated fat won’t hurt you.

Exercise = good for your muscles, helps burn all the energy you now have and strengthens your heart.