Start a new, again

Posted: August 27, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

So this week I’m committing myself to eating low carb, high fat. After a week of eating foods that were incredibly horrible for me, I feel horrible.

I think I have around 18 or 19 lbs to lose. I haven’t checked yet, I’m kind of afraid. I will check though when I go have a shower and we’ll see how things go this week. I’m sure I’ve probably gained again because of all the food I ate, especially over the weekend.

I have healthy food at home and I’m going to sit down and come up with a food plan, so I can make some foods and have more foods that are healthy around.

So far for breakfast I had an omelet with some bacon, I’m eating a bowl of strawberries and cream. A glass of coconut water/Cranberry juice.

Breakfast is easy, it’s lunch and supper I find hard to find foods I like.. too bad you can’t have bacon and eggs for all meals but I’d probably get sick of it pretty quick! I might head to the grocery store too, depending on what I decide to eat this week.

Sigh, I was afraid when I got pregnant I would have to lose a bunch of weight again. It really is only in the past few months I gained weight. It really wasn’t from my pregnancy at all. So I can’t blame it on that but I know what I need to do to get rid of it. Please send me messages of encouragement. I really need that now, to help me get through a few days of carb withdrawal.. which are always so much fun!



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