The test

Posted: August 28, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

I went and got a few groceries yesterday, fruits and vegetables. To help me along my way of going low carb high fat. I had a very successful day up until that point. When I got to the grocery store a fantastic smell filled the air.

I didn’t notice it as much as when I got to the back of the fruits/veggies department. Deep Fried Donuts, made fresh and mixed in cinnamon and sugar! OMG I love these things. I actually walked by them about 4 times while the guy was making the little yummy donutsd. If he actually had some ready, guaranteed I would have grabbed some. I don’t know what kept me from waiting because another 2 minutes and they would have been all done.

I actually was in the parking lot and debating about going back in to get some. As soon as I would have bought them I would have regretted it. Then I would have went home and ate the entire batch just to get rid of them as fast as possible. Why ruin a whole week of eating them, eat them all at once and it will be over and done with, right?.

So glad I passed..

I weighed myself yesterday and I was at +20lbs exactly since getting pregnant. Not what I was hoping for but it should go fairly fast (lets hope) as long as I stick to my eating plan.

I checked myself again this morning and I’m down to +18.6 (progress already) Always nice to see.

Hopefully I won’t have anymore tests this week until I get past this sugar craving.. once I’m past that, it’ll be easy to say no. Right now, if you offer me anything with sugar, I’d take it without even thinking. So if you see me, don’t offer me sugar please! Lol



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