Donuts again, seriously?

Posted: August 30, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

So I went to the grocery store again today to pick up some produce to make baby food and low and behold, who do you think I see ? The donut man and his donut-making self. Why oh why? This thing has not been there for soo long! Why weren’t you there a few weeks ago when I would have wanted some??.. NOW, I eat healthy and he’s there.

This time I did not circle, I did not flinch. I looked, I imagined what they would taste like and I walked right by. My sweet tooth is going away, THANK GOD! Good riddance.. my headache is going away too. I still have a bit of one but nothing like Monday and Tuesday. Yet again more progress!

Oh and the scale? Down another pound almost at 16.8 from 20 lbs. It’s getting easier..

The first few days/week is always the worst.. once you are past the biggest hurdle, it’s all good!


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