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All it takes

Posted: September 6, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

All it takes is one bad meal to set you up for disaster. Especially at the beginning. For me it’s more than obvious I need to stay away from carbs for a while to get the addiction out of my system. It had only been less than a week and I found myself at a restaurant with little to no options for me to eat. What to do? Well I ate foods I shouldn’t have.. It was a buffet and I can’t say I pigged out, I had one plate and a small plate of dessert and ice cream bday cake. That was enough to make me feel awful and bring back the sugar cravings. I had stomach pains for 2 days after and when I got to the grocery store on Tuesday I found the donut man once again and this time I caved. How depressing. So I’m back to +20 lbs and it feels like a whole week of healthy eating was wasted. I know it won’t take long to get rid of it but was it really worth it?

It’s funny cause at first when I started eating carbs and gluten after I had the baby, I had no huge problems really. A headache was about all I’d get and usually the next day. As time went on and my gut got more damaged, it got worse. The bathroom would become my friend and it really just went downhill from there, my skin broke out in pimples, my aches and pains were getting worse and not going away.

Seriously, sugar/carbs are an ADDICTION. How else can you explain this. You eat it, you feel like crap and then you do it again knowing full well how you will feel afterwards. Sounds like a drug addict to me.

I need to go a few weeks before I’m not bothered by a small sugar binge like that. Really I shouldn’t be doing it at all but if I do, I need to bounce back quickly… otherwise my whole week gets messed up!

The weekend seems to be my downfall, that’s usually when I’m out and about and make poor decisions about food. That’s where I need to concentrate and improve.. onward we go. Next week is a new week.

I need to get past this first part, past the addiction where I turn into this sugar hungry robot.. I don’t think, I just do.. to me it’s dangerous and unacceptable. I’m out and about today so we’ll see how I do, I’m sure I can find a salad somewhere near where I’ll be!